Chapter 19: Level 9 Masters Don’t Kneel to the Emperor (Part One)

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At the west gate of Fangu, the battle was over. Mu One and Mu Two who were dominating couldn’t do anything in front of Du Hongxian who was more overbearing. From the beginning to the end, these two level 6 masters were like dolls that were tortured by a kid. One was pushed into the wall, and the other was skinned.

It was tough to push a living person into the city wall. Many years ago, 40,000 soldiers of Mongo-Yuan attacked Fangu with hundreds of catapults, and many heavy rocks struck the city wall. However, not much damage was done.

Today, Du Hongxian pushed Mu One deep into the wall; this was a heroic deed in many people’s eyes.

Later, it was heard that when Li Xiaozong ordered people to clean up this place, the soldier who was in charge of digging out Mu One’s corpse cursed for two hours. In the end, he had to break the corpse apart and dig the pieces out before burying everything in the ground and peeing on top.

Fang Jie knew that the crippled old man of Beckon of the Red Sleeve was a master, but he didn’t think the latter was this powerful. He believed in Mu Xiaoyao’s senses. Since Mu Xiaoyao didn’t tell him to be careful around this crippled old man, Fang Jie assumed that this old man was weaker than Mu Xiaoyao and Da Quan.

Tonight, Fang Jie realized how naïve he was.

This world was huge; Fang Jie knew that he couldn’t walk to the edge of the world in his lifetime. Fangu was tiny; it was less than two kilometers wide and two kilometers long.

However, there were so many sickeningly powerful masters hiding in this small border city. Since she easily killed two level 6 masters, Du Hongxian was at least a top-tier level 7 or a level 8 master.
Fang Jie couldn’t understand why Du Hongxian’s small body was capable of such destructive force.

Also, that crippled old man didn’t have the temperament of a hermit. He wore a worn-out jacket and had a liquor gourd that was bigger than a human head and held the cheapest liquor.

When looking at him, Fang Jie felt like Beckon of the Red Sleeve’s status dropped.

What should a hermit look like? In Fang Jie’s mind, even if these hidden masters weren’t all good-looking, they had to look cool. With top-tier swords, they could easily kill devils and demons before disappearing by riding on their flying swords.

Even if some hermits were reckless and disheveled, they needed the proper temperament. This crippled old man looked weak as if wind could push him onto the ground, and it felt like his skin directly wrapped around his bones. Looking at his ugly and dirty face, it felt like he had done some inappropriate things to women when he was young.

Fang Jie’s values and beliefs were completely turned around!

After he struggled and stood up, Fang Jie wanted to say to the crippled old man, “Haven’t you discovered that I have the potential to become an unparalleled master?”

Then, Fang Jie was worried that this crippled old man could blow him away with a fart. It would be tragic if he died like those two men who were “inlaid” into the wall by Du Hongxian.

“Are you going to follow me?” The crippled old man became a little angry. He looked at Mu Xiaoyao and said earnestly, “Although I only found you as a potential disciple all these years, it doesn’t mean that I will beg you. Even though I have been low-key all these years, my stomps scared many people to the death back then. If you hesitate, I will leave and treat this as if I never saw you. I will count to five. If you don’t agree in this time frame, I won’t take you as my disciple even if you kneel and beg me later!”


“Agree! Agree!” Fang Jie ran over and laughed, “Why wouldn’t she agree to this? She is just startled. I say, old cripple…. Old Grandpa, she is my retinue. My words are more important than hers. From now on, she is your disciple. I have the final say in this matter.”

[TL Note: Although it is a insult in China to say that you are someone else’s parents or grandparents, it is a respectful way of addressing others when you call them uncle, auntie, grandpa, and grandma.]

“You have the final say?” the crippled old man asked.

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