Chapter 191: Abandoned House and Wild Animals, Eunuch Wu Three in the Royal Palace (Part One)

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[TL Note: The first half of the chapter contains some bloody scenes related to animals, but it is necessary for character development. Please jump to the second half of the chapter if you want to avoid it.]

Chang’an was too big. Even though it was extremely fancy and prosperous, it had broken-down places.

There was an abandoned house at the end of East 16th Road. It was heard that a rich family lived here before. After their wealth was gone, they couldn’t stay in Chang’an anymore and sold this house to a merchant.

Soon, murders were committed in this place. The entire family was poisoned to death, and the perpetrator was a business competitor of the merchant.

After that, no one lived here anymore.

Since Chang’an was big, it was difficult to name each street with a unique name. All north-south paths were called roads, and all east-west paths were called streets. Fang Jie’s shop was on East 23 Street, and it was quite a distance away from East 16th Road. It was more than two hours on foot.

A cloud blocked half of the moon, and the abandoned house looked even more worn-out in the dim moonlight.

Perhaps bold kids would jump the short wall and come here to play during the day, but no one would come here to scare themselves at night since this place looked scary and creepy.

The snow hadn’t melted, especially the areas around the walls.

A wild cat curled into a ball on a wall. It couldn’t find warmth on this winter night, and it didn’t move at all either because it was hungry or too cold.

When a big black shadow landed in the yard, the wild cat didn’t even move. It only screamed and ran away after this black shadow bumped into a piece of wood.

This black shadow ignored the wild cat and dashed into the house through the half-open door. It seemed like he was pleased since this place was well-hidden.

The inside of the house was extremely dark. Other than the moonlight that was shining in, everything else about this place felt like the underworld.

However, this dark shadow didn’t seem to hate the darkness. After glancing around, he walked toward a corner that had a pile of dry grass.

When he was close, he suddenly stopped. He saw two cold light dots. The two light dots were the eyes of a wild dog, and three small ones were lying on the dry grass.

When this female dog was about to roar after showing its fangs, this person suddenly widened his eyes, and the beast shivered on the ground and whined.

The black shadow slowly walked to this beast and caressed its long fur.

The dog froze as it collapsed onto the ground.

This person’s eyes turned gentle as he grabbed this beast’s mouth, and it could only whine in fear.

Suddenly, this person shook his hand, and the beast’s head was ripped off. However, no blood was spilled.

Under the moonlight, ice crystals could be seen on the neck of the beast.

Then, this person kicked the corpse away and squatted down beside the dry grass.

With the help of the moonlight, this person’s features could be observed. He seemed young, and his face was dirty. It was black around his lips as if he just ate a greasy piece of meat.

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