Chapter 192: First Make the Emperor Laugh (Part Three)

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Hearing no response, the Emperor looked at Chen Bolai and realized that the latter froze in fear. He smiled and said, “You can sit here for now. Later, Huai Qiugong will come here and teach you how to say things. Sui Buwei, summon Fang Jie for me.”

Su Buwei nodded and walked out. Soon, Chen Bolai saw that rude young man walking in. He heard of Fang Jie before, but he didn’t know that he was this rude young man.

“You got fatter,” the Emperor said lightly after Fang Jie greeted him.

Fang Jie replied, “I ate meat in every meal.”

The Emperor laughed and said, “Look at you… You waited for a while now; are you hungry?”

Then, he pointed at the snacks on the plate and said, “You can eat the rest.”

Fang Jie hesitated for a moment, and the Emperor looked at him and asked, “What? You don’t want to eat?”

“No… This isn’t enough,” Fang Jie said shamelessly.

The Emperor laughed and said, “Su Buwei, bring more snacks. Chen Bolai and others must be hungry as well; they can all eat here.”

Su Buwei looked at Fang Jie with praise and nodded. Due to the news from the war in the northwest, the Emperor had been in a bad mood since yesterday. However, this young man made the Emperor laugh with a few words.

After the snacks were fetched, Fang Jie didn’t hold back and devoured everything without etiquette.

Chen Bolai didn’t know if he should eat or not, and he looked at Fang Jie in a daze.

The Emperor put down the memorial to the throne in his hand and said to Fang Jie who was eating in a bad manner, “It is wrong!”

Chen Bolai felt thrilled as he thought, “His Majesty finally can’t watch him eat like a beggar anymore!”

“You should eat the lotus seed biscuit last!” the Emperor said seriously, “It is the only sweet snack! Don’t you know that you should only eat the sweet snacks last? Also, the best thing about coated shrimp is the coating and not the shrimp! You fool! You ate everything in one go! You have been in the Martial Arts Academy for more than six months now; how come you still don’t know these things?”

It sounded like the Martial Arts Academy should teach students how to enjoy food.

“I’m guilty!” Fang Jie replied earnestly and poured all the crispy coating in the plate into his mouth. “Cough! Too dry! Can I get something to drink?”

The Emperor rolled his eyes and pointed at the teapot on the table.

Before Su Buwei could pour him a cup of tea, Fang Jie grabbed the teapot and chugged from the spout.

Now, even Su Buwei felt a little uncomfortable and looked at the Emperor.

Before anyone could react, Fang Jie wiped his lips and bowed before asking, “Your Majesty, how about you reward this teapot to me? My family still needs heirlooms.”

“Aren’t you an orphan? You are looking for heirlooms before you have a family?” the Emperor sounded displeased.

“Great Sui is my family,” Fang Jie said as he straightened his body, “I have countless brothers and sisters, as all the civilians of Great Sui are my siblings. Your Majesty is the leader of the household, fair and just.”

“Huh?” The Emperor froze for a second and laughed, “This flattery is great! You should be rewarded!”

Chen Bolai whined in his mind, “This… this young man named Fang Jie… Is too damn shameless!”

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