Chapter 193: Then Read the Emperor’s Mind (Part Three)

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Although Fang Jie still looked calm after he stepped out of East Warmth Chamber, how could he be calm internally? Although Fang Jie guessed a few things from what Luo Weiran told him last night, his guesses were confirmed today.

The war in the northwest wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

The Emperor wanted to expand Great Sui and mark his name in history, and many people wanted to benefit from this war. These people didn’t have Great Sui’s interest in mind, and Fang Jie couldn’t offend any of them yet.

The mission that the Emperor gave him was no different from sending him into the tigers’ nest.

Fang Jie couldn’t help but shake his head with a bitter smile as he looked at the gloomy sky. He thought that by coming to Chang’an, he could escape from his past and live a peaceful life. At least the three years in the Martial Arts Academy should be worry-free.

However, life is always unpredictable.

Changes take place every second. If someone can live as how he planned, then this person must be a god. Anyone who can easily control their fate is a god. Of course, Fang Jie didn’t know anyone who could do this.

“So troublesome!” Fang Jie sighed and then laughed.

Every person obtained their glory by risking their lives.

The Emperor sat on the heatable brick bed and looked out the window, observing the young man who was walking away. He murmured, “I knew that being an emperor is the hardest thing in the world, and I would lose a ton of freedom. But since I sat on this seat for so long and troubled myself enough, why would I allow others to trouble me more?”

“Your Majesty… Perhaps they only want a spoonful of honey.” Su Buwei spoke, which was rare.

The Emperor smiled and replied, “You rarely speak, but what you say goes to the core. I don’t mind others wanting honey. I’m afraid that some people want that spoon. Of course, I want to use Fang Jie sooner for another reason. Fang Jie is a rare talent, and he will mature quickly now that I temper him. When Chengqian grows up, Fang Jie will be in his prime.”

[TL Note: Chengqian is probably the Emperor’s elder son.]

“Your Majesty is still in the prime…” Just as Su Buwei opened his mouth, the Emperor waved his hand.

“I’m in my prime, but everyone would die. I don’t mind this. I need to arrange these things soon. I inherited the throne when I was about 40 years old; how many years can I live? I hope that Chengqian will inherit a peaceful Great Sui from me. I will do all the difficult things, and he can sit still on the throne.” The Emperor coughed as his throat was dry.

“Your Majesty, you haven’t rested close to two days,” Su Buwei reminded.

“Ok, I will rest for a while.” The Emperor lay down and said with his eyes closed, “Fang Jie’s mission isn’t difficult but not easy. It isn’t difficult because if shady things are going on, clues will be revealed. Fang Jie is smart enough to find the dirt. However, it isn’t easy to endure all the bribes. Sometimes, even empty promises look alluring. Su Buwei, watch after him and don’t let him die in this conspiracy. However, if he deserves to die, you can do it yourself.”

“As you wish.” Su Buwei nodded and covered the Emperor with a quilt gently.

It seemed like the Emperor quickly fell asleep, but his brows were still furrowed. Su Buwei sighed and looked even more worried.

He quickly walked out of East Warmth Chamber. When he looked up, he discovered that it was already snowing again.

Soon, a layer of white covered the ground and the footprints of that young man. Su Buwei knew that Fang Jie didn’t only walk out of Tai Chi Palace but also walked into a deadly scheme.

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