Chapter 194: Walking on the Snow Path, Multiple Murders in Chang’an (Part One)

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After walking out of Tai Chi Palace, Fang Jie didn’t take a horse-drawn carriage to go back. Instead, he slowly walked on the street as the snow fell.

The snow only slightly covered the ground when he walked out of the Royal Palace. But after he walked through two streets, the snow was thick enough to cover the bottom of his shoes.

It was snowing again before the snow from yesterday could melt. Perhaps Heaven didn’t think Chang’an was pretty enough and tried its best to decorate it with snow in the winter.

It was a unique feeling when stepping on thick snow, but Fang Jie who had many things on his mind didn’t care about that. His steps were heavy, and he looked down when he walked, looking at his clear footprints on the ground.

What the Emperor said rang in his ears. It felt like the Emperor was playful. After releasing him from prison, the Emperor kicked Fang Jie into the scheme that he wasn’t qualified to play in. The Emperor seemed entertained, but Fang Jie had to risk his life.

If Chang’an was a lake, then the central government was the deepest place of the lake. Not many people could travel there, and it seemed impossible for Fang Jie to do so.

Not many pedestrians could be seen on the street, and the cross-city horse-drawn carriages were mostly empty as well.

Perhaps he didn’t recognize Fang Jie’s academy uniform, a driver called to Fang Jie passionately, “Young man, do you want a ride? I will drop you off at your home for eight cash coins.”

Fang Jie asked, “Isn’t it five cash coins?”

The driver replied with a slight awkwardness, “Isn’t it snowing a ton? It isn’t much to add three cash coins.”

Fang Jie asked again, “Is it eight cash coins to drop me off anywhere?”

The driver replied, “Wouldn’t it be shameful if I charge you eight cash coins if your home is only 500 meters away? Five cash coins to anywhere within five kilometers, and anywhere further will be three additional cash coins for five more kilometers. Isn’t it fair?”

Fang Jie answered, “It is fair, but I don’t need the service.”

The driver was frustrated and thought, “Why would you talk with me if you aren’t going to ride?”

Then, he looked at Fang Jie in disdain and whipped his horse, leaving Fang Jie behind.

Fang Jie chuckled like a fool as if he came on top in that bargain.

The sky was becoming darker, and the clouds were low in the sky. It felt like people could pull snow down from the clouds if they reached out their hands.

Fang Jie suddenly regretted not taking the horse-drawn carriage. It would take at least two hours to walk back to his shop, and he had to wash his uniform if it got dirty. Although he now had a woman, Chen Qingshan wasn’t someone who would do that type of chores.

Therefore, Fang Jie decided to take a shortcut.

He turned to a road and saw that it was East 18th Road.

Fang Jie calculated the distance and knew that East 23rd Street was still far away. There was no pedestrian on this street, and it looked extremely peaceful.

Almost every street and road in Chang’an looked similar. The straight paths cut Chang’an into square sections, and people would be shocked by how organized Chang’an was if they looked down from the sky.

Fang Jie observed the shops on the two sides of the road while his steps made the snow creak under his feet. After about 100 meters into East 18th Road, he discovered an abandoned house on this road that should be prosperous.

Judging from the look of this house, it had been abandoned for dozens of years.

The land in Chang’an was precious; how come merchants would ignore such a good location?

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