Chapter 194: Walking on the Snow Path, Multiple Murders in Chang’an (Part Two)

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Fang Jie stopped and observed this house.

A few sections of the walls collapsed, but the gate still looked intact. The iron lock was rusted to the point where it couldn’t be distinguished from the iron chains.

Fang Jie looked into the yard through an opening on the outside wall, and he saw that tall grass covered the entire yard. It was hard to see the actual house, but the dark broken window looked like the gate of Hell and made people’s hearts tremble.

Fang Jie didn’t understand why this house was abandoned.

After standing in front of the yard for a while, he still felt like there was something off about it.

Instead of hurrying home, he went into a tea house that wasn’t far across the street from that house.

This tea house’s business wasn’t great, and the owner was having a hard time. Seeing a customer walking in on such a snowy day, the owner walked up to receive this customer in person.

When he saw Fang Jie’s academy uniform, he became more excited. The students of the Martial Arts Academy could leave the academy for three days a month, and they didn’t need to return to the academy during this time. Fang Jie got released from the secret prison during this break.

“Gongzi, please come in.” The owner dusted off the snow on Fang Jie’s body passionately, and Fang Jie thanked him before sitting down on a spot close to the window.

“Gongzi, what do you want to drink?” the owner asked.

Fang Jie didn’t know much about tea, so he pointed at a moderately-priced tea. The owner asked the servant to get four kinds of nut snacks and poured the tea for Fang Jie himself.

“Owner, that house over there has been abandoned for many years, right?” Fang Jie asked.

He was curious since he wondered why no one was interested in this land that should be precious.

“That spot? Agh, don’t mention it. That is a terrible place,” the owner sighed and seemed resentful.

Then, he waved his hand and got rid of a wild cat that appeared on the doorstep; only annoyance could be seen in his eyes.

That wild cat looked back and lay beside the wall of that abandoned house, looking pitiable as snow fell.

Upon mentioning that house across the street, the owner of the tea house opened up. He sat down across from Fang Jie with his purple sand teapot and asked the servant to get two more kinds of nut snacks.

Since Fang Jie was the only customer on such a snowy day, and he was so bored, the owner talked non-stop.

“I heard that a big official lived there long ago. I think either my father or my grandfather mentioned it to me. That place has been abandoned for at least 70 years now. It was heard that the big official who lived there offended someone he shouldn’t, and he was fired and kicked out of Chang’an. Before leaving, he sold that house to a rich merchant for a low price. This place was once extremely prosperous, much better than East 23rd Street which is the more prosperous now.”

The owner drank some tea and continued, “This road was one of the most prosperous places in Chang’an at the time. That rich merchant was happy since he got this house for a low price, so he quickly moved in with his family. However, perhaps his status didn’t fit this place, his family members died from illnesses one after another. Later, his entire family was poisoned by his business competitor. Dozens of people all died!”

“Huh?” Fang Jie asked in surprise, “So outrageous! I guess that criminal didn’t end well.”

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