Chapter 195: Bizarre (Part One)

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“Four now.” Fang Jie frowned as he listened to Qiu Yu, and he asked, “Four students of the Martial Arts Academy died within two days. The royal guards must be investigating this, and the academy must be busy as well. Are there any similarities between these four people?”

“Yeah,” Qiu Yu replied, “They are all your classmates.”

Fang Jie froze for a moment and said with guilt, “I only felt like their names were familiar; I didn’t realize that they were my classmates. I’m too distant from them, and the only name I remember is Ma Lilian.”

“You shouldn’t be blamed for this,” Qiu Yu said, “You got locked inside the secret prison soon after you entered the academy; it would be tough for you to memorize the names of all your classmates. The murderer should be familiar with the rules of the Martial Arts Academy; this person chose to kill these students when they were off. I don’t understand why this criminal only picked your classmates. The three students who died today were killed within two hours of each other; so there should be only one murderer. This person traveled around to commit these murders.”

“Who hates the students of the Martial Arts Academy this much?” Qiu Yu sighed, “I came to remind you to return to the academy. Regardless of how powerful and cunning this murderer is, the students inside the Martial Arts Academy should be safe.”

“The similarities between these victims are the key in solving this crime,” Fang Jie said, “Fortunately, there are witnesses who could prove my innocence. I was just released from the secret prison, and Yuan Chengshi died that night. When he got killed, the soldiers of Right Reverent Guard ran into me on the street. On the second day, three more students got killed…”

Qiu Yu rolled her eyes and said, “No one will be dumb enough to suspect you. When the first student got killed today, His Majesty was still talking to you in the Royal Palace. When the second student died, you haven’t left the Royal Palace yet. What were you doing when the third student died?”

Fang Jie smiled and replied, “I was inside a remote tea house and listening to a random story told by the owner.”

“Go back to the Martial Arts Academy,” Qiu Yu said as she got up, “I need to find other students. Many professors came out, so that murderer shouldn’t be daring enough to commit more crimes. Since Great Sui was created, no one dared to target the Martial Arts Academy. This murderer won’t get away.”

“Maybe not,” Fang Jie said while shaking his head, “If this person left Chang’an after killing four people, who could do anything? No one saw the murderer’s face. Even if this murderer walks by my shop, no one could recognize this person. Unless this person tries to kill more of my classmates, the murderer won’t be captured.”

Fang Jie pointed outside the door when he spoke, and a young man just happened to walk by. He was surprised when Fang Jie pointed at him, and Fang Jie quickly smiled apologetically and pulled back his finger.

That young man nodded back and quickly walked away.

Qiu Yu didn’t pay attention to this and said helplessly, “Anyway, you can’t stay out here. Return to the Martial Arts Academy now, and I need to go to other places. The students are spread out during the three-day break, and most of them probably don’t know about these murder cases.”

“I will go with you,” Fang Jie said as he got up, “You aren’t able to enter some places freely.”

Qiu Yu was about to decline when she suddenly realized that it wasn’t suitable for her to enter some places such as pleasure quarters.

Most of the students were rich and playful young men, and they would frequent such places. The students from the military were mostly poor and usually stayed in the Martial Arts Academy during the monthly break.

Qiu Yu nodded and said after thinking for a while, “Your friends can pack up and come with us.”

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