Chapter 195: Bizarre (Part Three)

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Chang’an was giant, so it was impossible to notify all students. When the sun started to set, Fang Jie and Qiu Yu got onto a cross-city horse-drawn carriage and were on their way back to the academy. Another student traveled with them.

She was the only student whose name Fang Jie remembered.

Ma Lilian.

She ran into Fang Jie and Qiu Yu when she was wandering the street with two maids, and Qiu Yu asked her to travel with them.

Ma Lilian told her maids to return home and got on the horse-drawn carriage with Qiu Yu and Fang Jie.

She sat beside Qiu Yu, but she peeked at Fang Jie frequently with a blush.

How could Qiu Yu not see this girl’s mind? Qiu Yu couldn’t help but smile, but that made Ma Lilian blush even more.

Although she wasn’t the most beautiful woman, she was above average. Since her father, the Guide General, was a rough and ugly man, he was extremely proud to have such a pretty daughter.

Ma Lilian looked down and didn’t dare to glance at Fang Jie. She stared at her toes nervously.

However, Fang Jie’s attention wasn’t on her at all; he was thinking about who was behind all this.

Unless someone had an unresolvable grudge against the Martial Arts Academy, no one would do such a thing in Great Sui. The murderer and his entire family would be executed for this crime.

Ma Lilian soon discovered that Fang Jie wasn’t looking at her, so she first heaved a sigh of relief and then felt slightly disappointed.

Since Fang Jie was staring out the window, Ma Lilian got bold and observed his profile. The more she looked, the more charmed she became.

Looking at Fang Jie, Ma Lilian couldn’t help but think back to what happened on Half Moon Mountain. When she thought she was dead for sure, this young man suddenly appeared in front of her. At that moment, she felt like even Half Moon Mountain wasn’t as magnificent as Fang Jie’s figure.

She woke up at night many times due to that bloody event, and Fang Jie’s figure would become clearer in her mind.

When Fang Jie appeared in her head, all the fear that came with the nightmare dissipated.

Her father was the first person to discover her strangeness.

The Guide General was shocked to find that his tomboy-like daughter became more feminine. Instead of practicing martial arts, she was sitting before her window, quietly doing embroidery.

The Guide General was terrified; he thought that his daughter was possessed. This straightforward father didn’t realize that the biggest personality change in women was usually associated with men.

“Thank you,” Ma Lilian suddenly said to Fang Jie after a long while of hesitation. She was quiet as if she was afraid of disturbing Fang Jie.

“What?” Fang Jie looked back and asked Ma Lilian.

When he looked at Ma Lilian, the latter blushed uncontrollably and said, “Last time on Half Moon Mountain… Thank you for saving me.”

Fang Jie replied with a smile, “We are classmates; you don’t need to thank me.”

After saying that, he suddenly froze for a second and asked an impolite question, “Your name is Ma Lilian, right?”

Ma Lilian nodded and didn’t mind Fang Jie’s rude question.

“Do you know the four victims?” Fang Jie asked.

Ma Lilian’s expression changed slightly, then she looked at Fang Jie and said, “Yuan Chengshi, Liu Xu, Song Meiqi, and Li Sihai. They are all our classmates.”

“They… Were they on the same team as you that day? I mean the team that separated from the main group,” Fang Jie asked.

Upon hearing the question, both Qiu Yu and Ma Lilian were shocked.

Ma Lilian thought about it carefully and nodded. “The other three were, but Yuan Chengshi wasn’t. However, other than you, he was the first to reinforce us. He only got there a few moments later, and you and that monk already started to fight.”

Suddenly, Ma Lilian gasped, “Niu Miao got there alongside Yuan Chengshi… Stop! The Grand Scholar Niu’s residence is up ahead! I need to check on her!”

The horse-drawn carriage parked on the roadside, and Ma Lilian ran toward Grand Scholar Niu’s residence.

It was strange that this residence’s gate was closed; even the side door for visitors to come in was tightly shut.

When Fang Jie and Qiu Yu walked over, Ma Lilian got the door to open. A butler poked out his head with a strange expression.

“Ms. Ma, what do you need?” the butler asked.

He seemed rude since he didn’t open the door fully; he only spoke with his head poking out.

This was Grand Scholar Niu’s residence. Grand Scholar Niu Huilun followed rites tightly, and he had high standards for his servants as well.

“Where is your miss?” Ma Lilian asked in a hurry.

“Miss… She passed away.”

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