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Conquer the World Chapter 196.1

Chapter 196: The Principal’s Desk and The Royal King’s Treasure Armor (Part One)

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Five students of the Martial Arts Academy died within two days.

In less than an hour after Fang Jie and others left Grand Scholar Niu Huilun’s residence, royal guards came and took away the corpse.

Grand Scholar Niu Huilun cried his heart out and almost fainted several times. He never thought that his daughter was walking on the path to death after entering the Martial Arts Academy.

The Niu Residence was gloomy.

Just Yuan Chengshi and Niu Miao, the son of Governor-General Yuan Chongwu of River-North Circuit and the daughter of Grand Scholar Niu Huilun, were enough to stun Chang’an, let alone the other three students who were killed.

The person who came to take Niu Miao’s corpse was Meng Wudi, the Intelligence Department Deputy.

When Fang Jie was imprisoned, Meng Wudi was someone who frequented his cell. Although Fang Jie saw the dislike in this man’s eyes, there wasn’t any hostility. Because of Fang Jie, Meng Wudi’s status in the department dropped, and he also lost one of his arms.

Meng Wudi followed protocol and brought Fang Jie, Ma Lilian, and Qiu Yu back to the Royal Guard.

Fang Jie saw the other four corpses here.

There was also Mo Wanwu whose eyes were red and looked aggressive like a wild wolf.

Fang Jie didn’t think Mo Wanwu was a qualified professor, but he was clearly angry and sad over this.

“It seems like their deaths are related to what happened on Half Moon Mountain.” Hou Wenji squatted down beside Niu Miao’s corpse and opened the white cloth over the corpse. Although this body was already cold, Niu Miao’s beauty could still be seen. However, it broke others’ hearts seeing this pretty girl who was supposed to have a great future die like this.

There were no clear injuries on Niu Miao’s body; only two light finger marks could be seen on her neck.

Her expression seemed to be frozen from the moment before her death; she didn’t seem shocked.

It meant the murderer was extremely fast. Before Niu Miao could react, her neck was already broken.

“The murderer is strong with a ton of internal forces. If this person used internal forces to kill her, then no injuries could be seen. Perhaps the killer showed a slight trace to throw us off.”

Hou Wenji walked to another corpse and said while observing, “The method is different. This victim was struck from the back, and the attack shattered his heart. Internal forces rushed into his body from the back, turning his heart into mush.”

The third person didn’t have any injuries on his body. Hou Wenji observed for a long while and sighed, “It seems like the killer knows how to kill people with one strike. Such a subtle strike could only be found in those mysterious cases. If there was a battle, such a death wouldn’t occur. Internal forces rushed into the victim’s head from the left ear, shattering his brain. Although nothing is shown on the surface…” Hou Wenji stood up and said, “The murderer is new to killing. Although he knows many ways of killing people, he isn’t smooth with it.”

Then, he pointed at the bit of blood in the ear of the third victim and said, “This murderer’s control over his internal forces is also lacking. If he were good, no blood would be seen. This killer knows how to kill people, but he is new to killing people. This person is strange.”

“Could it be that old monk?” Mo Wanwu asked.

“No. Even though Wisdom escaped in a disheveled manner, he is still a heavenly lord; he wouldn’t do such things. If he wants to kill people, he doesn’t need to hide his identity and strength.”

Who else could it be?

“This is the first victim.” Hou Wenji walked to Yuan Chengshi’s corpse and lifted the white cloth over it. He said, “Since this is the first victim, many traces were found. What I said could be backed up with evidence on this corpse. Yuan Chengshi should be the first person that this murderer killed. The method is so bad that it could only be done by a newbie.”

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