Chapter 197: Block the Malicious Intent (Part One)

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Royal King Yi’s residence was on West 2nd Street, and the distance between it and the Martial Arts Academy covered about one-third of Chang’an.

This residence wasn’t huge.

Royal King Yi’s residence in his feudal land was giant, suitable for his royal identity. His residence in Chang’an was supposed to be temporary.

However, it seemed like this temporary residence became his permanent location, and his giant mansion in his feudal land was more of a decoration.

When his butler returned, it was already noon.

Qin Liuqi quickly went to report to Yang Yin; it felt like he saw where Yang Yin was and found this royal king without taking unnecessary turns.

Right now, Royal King Yi was in the backyard and barbequing beside the pond.

“He accepted it?” Yang Yin asked as he looked at Qi Liuqi, and he soon focused back onto the grilled meat.

He slowly rotated the roasted lamb, and it already turned golden.

There was a short table beside Yang Yin, and it had many sauces and spices on it.

It seemed like this prestigious royal king enjoyed the process. He carefully brushed sauces onto the roasted lamb. His fingers were slender and clean, looking like those of women.

“He did,” Qin Liuqi replied with his head lowered.

“What did he say?” Yang Yin asked.

“He didn’t hesitate; he only said that it is heavy,” Qin Liuqi said, “That soft armor is made of western dark golden strings; it is soft and light. What is heavy about it?”

Yang Yin smiled and said, “He is talking about the value of the gift and not the armor. Fang Jie is smart and knows how to climb up. He also knows what he couldn’t reject. I like this young man. Those who are ambitious and know the boundaries will quickly get used to the political circle. He knows that he isn’t strong enough to reject my goodwill, so he directly accepted the gift without hesitation.

Qi Liuqi said, “I feel like since he is a smart person, isn’t it a bit too fake for him to show his attitude so quickly?”

Yang Yin laughed and pointed at the chair in front of him. “Sit down and have a taste; see if my skills improved.”

Qi Liuqi didn’t decline; he sat across from Yang Yin and washed his hands in a water basin. Then, he grabbed the knife that Royal King Yi passed to him and started to slice the meat.

The lamb was roasted perfectly. It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It was so tender that juice seemed to be overflowing.

“Do you think that he showed his attitude this casually?” Yang Yin put a piece of lamb into his mouth and said while chewing, “Before you returned, His Majesty should have heard the news about him receiving a gift from me. This can’t be hidden, and I never planned on hiding it. Fang Jie knows this; he didn’t need to decline my gift. His Majesty wouldn’t think he is a good person if he refused my gift, and His Majesty also wouldn’t think he is a vice figure if he accepted my gift.”

Yang Yin asked Qi Liuqi to rotate the lamb, then he continued speaking, “I never forced anyone to stand in teams; I don’t have much to ask. Plus, I’m only appreciating this young man’s talent, giving him some care on behalf of Great Sui. Although I’m not in the government and don’t have real power, I’m still a royal king of Great Sui and His Majesty’s little brother. Would His Majesty mind if I gift something to the future backbone of the nation on behave of the Royal Clan?”

Then, Yang Yin sprinkled some spice powder onto the meat slices and asked after a moment of silence, “What are the officials saying?”

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