Chapter 197: Block the Malicious Intent (Part Three)

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Most people were angry and not fearful.

Since the establishment of Great Sui, this was the first time that someone dared to challenge the Martial Arts Academy. No one believed that the murderer could get away, and no one doubted that this killer would be crushed by the laws of Great Sui.

Fang Jie’s class became the center of attention since all five victims were from his class.

All kinds of rumors were passed around. People even suspected that the murderer was after Fang Jie. Otherwise, why didn’t this person go after the students in other classes?

Fang Jie didn’t have time to entertain these boring and vicious rumors.

After he returned to his room, he blanked out while staring at the treasure armor that was said to come from the west.

Royal King Yi sent someone to travel so far to bring him this expensive gift; even an idiot would know the meaning behind it.

Fang Jie couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh.

“It has been about 12 years, yet you still want to come back to the government. Power is indeed the biggest temptation for men; beauties don’t even come close.”

Since Royal King Yi was even willing to lower his status and approach Fang Jie, how many other people did he befriend in the last 12 years? Fang Jie didn’t need to work his brain to know that many officials in the government were willing to speak for Royal King Yi.

Fang Jie thought, “Even I can see this; how can the Emperor not see it?”

The Emperor got angry and executed Deputy Hou Junci of the Ministry of War. How could that be irrelevant to Royal King Yi? It was a warning that the Emperor sent to Royal King Yi.

Clearly, this royal king didn’t change his mind. The war in the northwest was the biggest event in 20 years. If Royal King Yi wanted to return to the government and hold real power, there was no other method more direct than managing this war and bringing the victory.

If Royal King Yi went to the northwest and returned in glory, there would be no reason for the Emperor not to let him return to the government.

However, would the Emperor let Royal King Yi get his wish?

While Fang Jie blanked out, the door to his room was pushed open from the outside.

Professor Qiu Yu walked in, and her expression didn’t look great.

“Did you accept Royal King Yi’s gift?” she asked directly.

“Yeah,” Fang Jie replied honestly.

“Why?” she asked.

Fang Jie pointed at the soft armor on his bed and said with a smile, “It is a great item.”

“That simple?” she asked again.

“Yeah.” Fang Jie nodded.

Qiu Yu walked over and picked up the soft armor to observe it. Then, she said, “It is indeed good. However, if he didn’t give you this but tens of thousands of silver taels or two beauties instead, would you accept?”

“Of course!” Fang Jie said proudly, “I won’t reject any gifts.”

“Do you know that you are lighting yourself on fire?” Qiu Yu said angrily, “Even if you are from a small place and never saw treasures, are you a fool? Are you someone powerful enough to mess with Royal King Yi?”

Fang Jie smiled and poured a cup of tea for Qiu Yu. He said, “Professor, because I can’t mess with Royal King Yi, do you think I have the strength to decline this gift? Even if His Majesty thinks that I’m a talent, do you think it would be hard for Royal King Yi to kill me? I would be an idiot if I didn’t accept this gift.”

Qiu Yu froze for a second and said angrily, “Are you this afraid of losing your future?”

“Yeah!” Fang Jie said seriously, “Otherwise, why would I enter the Martial Arts Academy?”

Since Qiu Yu couldn’t counter that, she got even angrier. “Have you thought about His Majesty? If His Majesty wants you dead, it would be even easier.”

“No,” Fang Jie said with a smile, “You underestimate the Emperor and Royal King Yi too much.”

Then, Fang Jie took off his robe and put on the soft armor. He took a spin proudly and asked, “Is it suitable?”

“This soft armor can block sabers but not others’ malicious intent,” Qiu Yu said fiercely before walking out.

Fang Jie smiled bitterly and said as Qiu Yu walked away, “Professor, you are still not seeing the clear picture. I accepted this soft armor to block others’ malicious intent.”

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