Chapter 199: Right Before the War (Part One)

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The soldiers of Sui on the grassland were going to spend their first Lunar New Year outside their homeland.

The Lunar New Year’s Eve was the day after tomorrow. Except those soldiers were on patrolling duty, others found their close friends and chatted.

The people of Sui were different from the people of Eastern Chu and Mongo-Yuan in many ways other than their looks.

The people of Sui loved their homes, and there was a saying that one shouldn’t travel far from home when their senior parents were still alive; they valued filial piety the most.

The people of Eastern Chu had already gotten used to traveling around. They saw traveling the world for business as their life, and home was only a word for them.

The people of Mongo-Yuan were used to the nomadic lifestyle. Although they wouldn’t leave the territory of their flags, each flag had at least tens of thousands of square kilometers of territory, enough for them to move around freely.

When the soldiers of Sui gathered in small groups, their conversation stayed around the topic of what their families were doing right now. Some of them licked their lips and said that they wanted to eat dumplings, and many people resonated with that.

The soldiers from the south didn’t have a strong emotional attachment to such food, but the soldiers from the north’s love for dumplings already crossed the threshold of food; they saw it as a symbol.

In the military encampment that had a diameter of ten kilometers, the generals tried their best to make the soldiers feel the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year. They found some red ribbons and carefully decorated the military encampment. A few red lanterns were also hung on the tents in the center of the encampment, making everything seem celebratory.

When dinner came, the soldiers were surprised that each of them could get about a quarter kilogram of stewed meat. This was great news for these soldiers. Since they didn’t obtain any livestock in Mongo-Yuan, all the pork meat was transported here from Great Sui. To provide food for 700,000 soldiers, the labor and money used for this meal were unthinkable.

Great General Li Yuanshan was patrolling his encampment in the night.

As the great general who was stationed the closest to Mongo-Yuan, Li Yuanshan’s status in this war was huge. Also, the main advantage that Li Yuanshan’s Right Valiant Guard had compared to others was the 2,000 heavy cavalrymen that Li Yuanshan tried his best to create all these years.

The heavy cavalry battalion of Right Valiant Guard was the first heavy cavalry battalion that Great Sui had.

The armored horses were no longer afraid of arrows, and the heavy cavalrymen could easily crush their enemies like tanks.

These cavalrymen’s treatment was too great for other soldiers to imagine. Each of them had two retinues. Aside from their warhorses, they each had a regular horse to carry their belongings. After all, they wouldn’t wear their heavy armor that weighed about 20 kilograms every day. Also, their spears were much bigger and heavier compared to regular spears.

Since Right Valiant Guard was stationed the closest to Mongo-Yuan, it had more soldiers.

According to the military structure, each guard had 36,000 battle soldiers, 8,000 support soldiers, and various workers. A guard wouldn’t have more than 50,000 people.

However, Right Valiant Guard had special permission from the Emperor, so it had 12,000 more battle soldiers and 2,000 more support soldiers. Overall, Right Valiant Guard was about 30 percent larger compared to other guards.

In Great Sui, the only other guard that could rival Right Valiant Guard in terms of size was Left Advance Guard that was stationed in the southwest. Therefore, people said that Li Yuanshan in the northwest and Luo Yao in the southwest were the two giant pillars of Great Sui.

Li Yuanshan’s Right Valiant Guard was in the very front, but it didn’t suffer many casualties in several battles.

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