Chapter 199: Right Before the War (Part Three)

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The leader got onto a tall hill and observed the well-lit military encampment while lying in the grass.

In this dark night, the encampment that had a diameter of about ten kilometers looked like a lake of light, and the various sized tents looked like the waves.

“Flag Master said that the Lunar New Year’s Eve is just as important for these people as our Fasting Festival. Look…” The person in the lead pointed forward and said, “Although it seems like the encampment is well-guarded, judging from the moving torches, it seems like a lot fewer soldiers are patrolling.”

A man in black beside him sneered and said, “Mr. Chiliarch, the people of Sui dare to call themselves the nation of war? Look at the tents in the middle; they have red lanterns hanging on them. This is extremely idiotic. It feels like they are telling us that the important generals are living there.”

The chiliarch in the lead was named Agudamu, and he was an important general under Mandu Lang’s command. Although he wasn’t old, he had a high cultivation strength, and he was cruel, not even blinking when killing someone.

“This is their habit that is hard to change,” Agudamu whispered, “General had acted as a herdsman and went to Fangu, trying to figure out the people of Sui’s habit. During the Lunar New Year’s Eve, they would hang red lanterns in front of their doors and eat a type of food called dumplings. They would also light firecrackers. On this day, the people of Sui’s guard would be the lowest, especially at midnight. Their soldiers would drink liquor and eat meat. Even the prisoners would receive liquor and meat.”

“Even if we don’t obtain a great victory, we need to startle the enemies and strike fear into them,” another man in black said.

Agudamu shook his head and said, “We can’t lower our guard. Even though the people of Sui have many habits that they can’t change, the men in front of you are real soldiers, and there are many of them.”

“Even 10,000 sheep can’t defend against a wolf,” a man in black laughed, “Just wait. Tomorrow evening, we will let these people of Sui taste our curved sabers.”

Agudamu nodded and whispered while pointing forward, “Let’s move forward by another 100 meters. Scatter out and hide properly. When the sand in your hourglasses switches sides, gather here immediately. We need to return before dawn and report to Young Flag Master and General.”

“Hye!” The people in black nodded and each chose a direction to move out.

Agudamu didn’t move and stayed on the tall hill.

About 150 meters away on another tall hill, several people were lying in the grass with dry grass on them as camouflage. It was difficult to see them in the dark even if others were close by.

One of them dropped the monocular and asked the smaller figure beside him, “Chiliarch, should we arrest and interrogate one of them?”

The chiliarch shook her head and held a blade of hairy grass between her lips habitually. She said, “Let them watch. Just tell the patrolling cavalrymen to arrest a few of them when they are leaving. They would be suspicious if they get away so easily. We only need to see if they would get close to the encampment. The Royal Guard isn’t responsible for capturing enemies on the battlefield.”

“Got it,” the inquirer nodded and continued to observe the other hill with the monocular.

The female chiliarch looked up at the moon that was half-covered by clouds, and she slightly chewed on the stem of the hairy grass. Since it was already yellow, there was no bitter taste.

She thought about the young man far away in Chang’an and felt sweet inside.

She thought, “That guy knew how to camouflage with weed at a young age. He would wear different colored clothes in different environments and put ugly colors on his face. He can stay in one place for a long time and not move at all.”

She looked down on him before, but now she realized that this was effective.

After putting on yellow clothes, they wouldn’t be discovered by others in the daytime when they lay in the grass. With the camouflage, these royal guards approached the encampment of Mandu Flag several times.

“What is he doing now?” she thought.

Although his shadow wasn’t on the moon, she looked at the moon, fascinated.

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