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Conquer the World Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2: The”Mensao” Boss (Part One)

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[TL Note: The word “mensao” refers to people who look plain, cold or even dull outside, but inside they are volatile, charismatic, and hot. The closest word that I can find is duplicitous, but it doesn’t really fit. Therefore, I will use mensao for now. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.]

After leaving Li Xiaozong’s residence, Fang Jie stepped on snow and walked toward Gold Essence Shop. Since the snow was too thick, the noises that Fang Jie’s steps made were extremely crisp and clear.

“Fang Jie, I heard that you went out to kill bandits today?” Aunt He who was outside pouring the dirty water from doing laundry smiled and asked.

This woman who stated that she was a beauty ten years ago perhaps had a great life. In just ten years, a beauty turned into a middle-aged woman with a big waist and had freckles all over her face. However, it didn’t stop Aunt He from feeling proud.

“Yeah. Aunt He, you are getting more beautiful. The recent daughter-in-law of the old Chen Family isn’t as pretty as you.”

“Aya… you just found that I’m more beautiful than her? When I was touring the world, my pursuers could line up from Fangu to the Capital.”

“Aunt He, you are speaking the truth. Whenever I see you, I feel refreshed. It feels like I’m sitting on the grass and watching a blooming flower in the warm spring. It is very enjoyable.”

Aunt He’s round face blushed, and she hesitated and asked, “Then, tell me what flower I look like.”

Fang Jie thought about it and replied, “Morning glory.”

“Why?” Aunt He was confused.

Fang Jie looked at Aunt He’s huge chest and round face before praising earnestly, “It is bigger the higher you go.”

“Fang Juexiao!”

A loud roar sounded in the small alley, and someone dashed out of the alley as if he was being hunted. His speed was stunning.

As soon as this young man dashed out, a giant wooden bucket flew out and smashed into pieces on the ground.

Fang Jie heard the sound of the whistling wind and was proud. “My light-body skill got better in the last few days!”

[TL Note: Light-body skill is known as qinggong in China. In wuxia novels, it allows the practitioners to dash around extremely fast and jump extremely high.]

After he dashed out by about 30 steps, Aunt He shouted behind him with a voice that the entire Fangu City could hear, “Fang Juexiao, I arranged a marriage interview for you the day after tomorrow. She is the daughter of Old Wu who lives in the east of the city. If you are late, I will smash the signboard of your Gold Essence Shop!”

Fang Jie instantly stopped and turned around to ask Aunt He, “Smash the signboard of Gold Essence Shop? Don’t you want your dividend?”

Aunt He put her hands on her thick waist and shouted, “Just tell me if you are going or not!”

Before Fang Jie could answer, the windows of the houses on the street all opened, and some girls stood by the windows and shouted anxiously, “Fang Juexiao, if you go, I will jump out of the window right now!”

“Fang Juexiao, if you dare to go find other women, I will go and become a nun!”

“Fang Juexiao, you player!”

A woman roared, “Fang Juexiao! If you dare to bully my daughter, I will chop off your genital and feed it to the dogs!”

Other young women wept and regretted getting married so young.

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  1. Yia

    This scene reminds me of what happens in Duke of Deer Manor, a great wuxia drama!

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