Chapter 20: Idiot (Part One)

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Li Xiaozong looked at the row of people in front of him, and he rubbed his face that swelled up. Although he was looking straight, he was thinking about his fight with that powerful woman in Yun’s Meat Shop. Since he came out of the Martial Arts Academy, he was never beaten like this.

Even in the Martial Arts Academy, only three people were capable of beating him in his generation. Those three people were the geniuses among geniuses, and Li Xiaozong was only a genius.

In Great Sui, only a few people could obtain the level 7 cultivation strength at the age of 26. Even if a detailed list was made, Li Xiaozong would rank in top-ten. Of course, there were still hidden young geniuses who lived as hermits.

However, Li Xiaozong who was proud and confident got beaten by that dominating woman in Yun’s Meat Shop.

When Li Xiaozong recalled what happened, he realized that he was the first to attack. He wanted to shatter the counter inside Yun’s Meat Shop, letting that woman know what was going on. However, since he shattered a piece of furniture in the shop, that woman hit him like a storm. Li Xiaozong couldn’t even defend himself.

He smiled bitterly and shook his head. He thought, “If the news gets back to Chang’an, those three will die from laughing.”

“General Li, how come you are here?”

Seeing Li Xiaozong shaking his head and smiling bitterly, Wu Peisheng’s expression darkened. “I heard the bugle, and I saw the soldiers gather with half of them coming out of the encampment. How come the soldiers went back? I just heard the news; that spy of Mongo-Yuan named Fang Jie is trying to escape through the west gate. Why aren’t you stopping him? Why are you here?”

Li Xiaozong shook his head and said, “Fang Jie is a great soldier in Fangu, and he has 21 counts of military merit since he joined the military. According to the rules of Great Sui, soldiers who have 20 counts of military merit can participate in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy regardless of their background. I already prepared a certificate, recommending him to go to Chang’an and participate in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy.”

“What did you say?” Wu Peisheng’s face turned ugly, and he pointed at Li Xiaozong and shouted, “How come the spy of Mongo-Yuan turned into an accredited soldier?”

“About an hour ago, he was a spy of Mongo-Yuan who snuck into Fangu. However, an hour later, he turned into an accredit soldier of Great Sui.

“Give me an explanation!” Wu Peisheng suppressed his anger and said.

“It is simple.” Li Xiaozong pointed at himself shamelessly and replied, “Not long ago, one of Fang Jie’s friends beat me and saved him. I guess your people are already killed. I couldn’t defeat his friend, so he can’t be a spy but an accredited soldier.”

“Mu Three!”

Wu Peisheng ordered coldly, “Bring people to the west gate. I want to see how many immortals are hiding in this little Fangu!”

“There are no immortals here,” Li Xiaozong said with a smile, “It is small here; less than two kilometers wide and two kilometers long. There are only 800 soldiers and 2,261 residents. There are no immortals, but humans… you have to admit that many hermits like to live in places that you think are insignificant.”

Wu Peisheng snorted and ignored Li Xiaozong. “Mu Three, go. There is nothing for you to do here. I don’t believe that General Li dares to do anything to us. Now, the spy from Mongo-Yuan is no longer important. The important thing is that Mu One and Mu Two perhaps have died here. Your Court of Judicial Review can’t be shamed like this, and I can’t be shamed like this as well.”

“Ok.” Mu Three replied and left with more than a dozen officials from the Court of Judicial Review, heading toward the west gate.

Li Xiaozong didn’t try to stop them. Instead, he smiled and moved out of their way. With his face swelled up, he was in pain when he smiled.

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