Chapter 20: Idiot (Part Three)

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“You can’t escape. I’m most proficient with the water rune. In this cold weather, water is frozen into ice, and the water rune is much more powerful. Even if you are fast, can you hide from all the snow in Fangu?”

Wu Peisheng laughed as he drew runes faster and faster. With the movement of his finger, more and more chopstick-sized icicles appeared around Li Xiaozong. Regardless of how he dodged, the icicles followed him like his shadow.

It was rare to find a level 7 master, even in the military. Just as Li Xiaozong expected, if he returned to Chang’an, he would soon be promoted to a rank 4 first-tier colonel and have a bright future. However, this talented general with a great prospect was being pressured by a level 7 rune master.

Puchi! Finally, an icicle pierced into Li Xiaozong’s body. The fragile-looking icicle easily ripped his cotton jacket, and a streak of blood slowly flowed out.

Li Xiaozong didn’t have time to check his injury. In that split-second pause, at least 30 icicles surrounded him.

“Are you frustrated?” Wu Peisheng smiled and said, “A level 7 master can’t even fight back. If I were you, I would feel extremely frustrated.”

Li Xiaozong panted while kneeling on one knee; he didn’t have much strength left. Injuries were all over his body, and an icicle was stabbed into his shoulder; it was slowly melting due to his heated blood. His cotton jacket was ripped into pieces and stained by blood.

Wu Peisheng slowly waved his fingers, and at least 20 icicles flew up and aimed at Li Xiaozong.

“You made a mistake from the beginning. Except for when you are close to me, you have no chance of winning. You didn’t grasp that opportunity,” he said with pride, “A genius from the Martial Arts Academy… you are panting like a dog before me. You should treasure the smell of air in this world; the smell of Hell might not be pleasant. Li Xiaozong… after I return to Chang’an, I will tell His Majesty that you died in battle when fighting the spy from Mongo-Yuan. It would be the best for me, you, and the Li Family.”

“Thank you,” Li Xiaozong said with emphasis.

“Hahaha! You are thanking me? Are you thanking me for maintaining your image?”

Li Xiaozong shook his head and slowly straightened his body. “I’m thanking you for your arrogance. That is the only way for you to reveal so many weaknesses.”

Wu Peisheng was shocked. Just as he was about to do something, he sensed a pain in the back of his head. Then, an icicle pierced through his head and poked out of his forehead. While looking at Li Xiaozong in disbelief, Wu Peisheng fell onto the ground without saying a word.

With Wu Peisheng’s death, all the icicles around Li Xiaozong fell onto the ground.

Li Xiaozong heaved a long sigh, walked to Wu Peisheng, and smiled in satisfaction while looking at that icicle.

“Since you know I’m a genius from the Martial Arts Academy, then you should know that geniuses always want to learn new things. Those three suppressed me for three years in the Martial Arts Academy. If I don’t learn new things, how can I suppress them back when I return? However, I only practiced runes for three years, so I can’t use runes as smooth as you and need time to prepare. If you weren’t arrogant, how could I fool you? How could I kill you? Perhaps you didn’t know why I wanted to come to Fangu. This place is remote, so no one will know that I’m practicing runes. I wonder if those three will be surprised when I return.”

“Oh… no.” Li Xiaozong smiled and said, “In reality, I only wanted to test if my runes are useful. Even if my runes don’t work, you can’t kill me. As to the injuries… I always thought that I need more combat experience against rune masters. What if I meet a powerful one? There are too few rune masters. I finally met one, so I would naturally play with you a bit longer.”

He threw a small and portable repeating crossbow out of his sleeve and then patted Wu Peisheng’s dull face. “Only idiots wouldn’t prepare two plans.”

At this moment, a series of footsteps sounded behind him.

Li Xiaozong turned around and saw the woman who was wearing a simple blue floral cotton jacket. She was walking close while dragging Mu Three by the ankle. The cold Mu Three had turned into a cold corpse, and he left a long trail in the snow while being dragged.

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