Chapter 200: The Place Where Lanterns Were Hung (Part One)

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Some people said that the day was the time that God gifted to humans to move around, and the night was the time that God allowed demons to do their things.

However, on the battlefield, even the fiercest demon didn’t dare to approach those humans who had an intense smell of blood, even if it was nighttime.

Most of the stories about demons and ghosts occurred at night, such as ghost devouring people alive, possessing people’s bodies, or digging out and eating people’s hearts. However, such stories never occurred in military encampments.

Military encampments were the most vicious places in the world.

Even the fiercest demon wouldn’t dare to approach these places.

At the Lunar New Year’s Eve, 20,000 elite cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan who referred to themselves as demons quickly approached the military encampment of Sui which was less than five kilometers away.

This was close to half of Mandu Latu’s military force, and he hesitated for a long time before making this decision. If this mission failed, Mandu Flag’s history might stop here.

The Mandu Family wasn’t truly noble in Mongo-Yuan. Mongo-Yuan was giant, and Mandu Latu who only had a territory that spanned 1,000 kilometers was like a bumpkin in the eyes of real nobles.

For all these years, Mandu Latu only made a name for himself for being aggressive and hostile toward Great Sui, and that got him the attention of the real nobles.

However, when the real war arrived, Mandu Latu couldn’t slaughter the soldiers of Sui with the cavalrymen of Mandu Flag. The image of a maniac that he spent 20 years on creating might collapse due to this war.

This was the source of Mandu Latu’s hesitation. If he didn’t raise his reputation through aggressiveness all these years, he would be more cowardly and wait for the reinforcements from the Golden Tent.

“The Mandu Family can’t decay, and Mandu Flag can’t be wiped out!” In the end, Mandu Latu decided to risk it. When Mandu Lang told him about the Lunar New Year that people of Sui would celebrate, he felt like the opportunity that he was waiting for had appeared.

For Mongo-Yuan, that day was the Fasting Festival. The civilians of Mongo-Yuan would celebrate like crazy on this day.

On the Lunar New Year’s Eve, Mandu Latu led the rest of his soldiers as reinforcements, stopping 15 kilometers away from the military encampment of Sui. His second son, Mandu Tele, led this raid and charged into the military encampment of Sui like the wind.

The warhorses had bits in their mouths, and their hooves were wrapped in cloth. The soldiers didn’t draw their sabers since they would reflect the moonlight.

The people of Mongo-Yuan said that the sun and the moon were the eyes of Heaven. One was open during the day while the other was open during the night.

The people of Mongo-Yuan was respectful toward everything in the sky, just like how they were respectful toward the Wisdom King on Great Snow Mountain. Great Wheel Wisdom King had said that he was the only messenger that Heaven had in the world.

The cavalrymen of Mandu Flag spread out and rushed toward the military encampment of Sui like a flood.

Everything seemed smooth.

They heard the celebratory music coming from the encampment and moving fires coming from the torches.

When Mandu Tele rode his horse onto a tall hill, he looked down at the moving torches in the encampment while murderous spirit appeared in his eyes.

The terrain was great for cavalrymen to charge forward since they were on the hill; warhorses would have the best time running down grassy hills.

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