Chapter 200: The Place Where Lanterns Were Hung (Part Two)

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“Children!” Mandu Tele pulled out his curved saber and no longer hid the chilly light that was reflected from his saber. He shouted, “Do you see those lowly bandits? They robbed our grassland but don’t know how to treat it well. Their dirty feet are walking on the holy grassland! The stubborn blades of grass won’t even yield; why should we? The grassland only has one master, and it is the Mongo-Yuan Empire!”

“Kill those people of Sui and take everything from them!” Mandu Tele roared and pointed at the encampment with his saber. Then, all 20,000 cavalrymen of Mandu Flag rushed down the tall hill like a flood.

“Huha!” The charging shouts shattered the sky, instantly pausing the celebratory music in the military encampment of Sui.

War horns instantly sounded, and the torches in the encampment became disorderly.

“Enemy raid!” Mandu Tele heard the panicking shouts coming from the people of Sui, and a cold smile appeared on his face. He thought, “These people of Sui could never imagine that Mandu Flag, which has less than 50,000 soldiers, would attack them when they have 700,000 soldiers. The huge numbers advantage lowered their guard!”

Thunderous noises sounded, and the horse hooves seemed to make the grassland shiver.

The soldiers of Sui were putting up a strong fight.

When the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan charged down the hill and were less than 100 meters away from the encampment, they were showered by arrows.

This showed the quality of the soldiers of Sui; they were able to pick up their weapons in the shortest amount of time.

However, in such a range, arrows couldn’t stop the cavalrymen from charging.

The cavalrymen who got shot fell down their horses and soon became one with the grassland.

Agudamu and his 1,000 men charged in the very front. Not only were arrows in their way, but blockades were set up outside the military encampment of Sui. These things were the best counter for cavalrymen.

Agudamu shouted, and the cavalrymen in the front threw out ropes while arrows fell from the sky.

For cavalrymen who could easily throw ropes around the necks of moving horses, it wasn’t hard for them to rope blockades that weren’t moving.

After the ropes were secured around the blockades with sliding knots, the cavalrymen started to charge to the two sides, tightening the ropes around the blockades and pulled them to the sides.

Although there were casualties, the cavalrymen of Mandu Flag were skilled and didn’t allow the blockades to waste too much time.

The cavalrymen in the front jumped down their horses when they reached the fence, and they tried to dismantle it. The soldiers of Sui on the other side of the fence poked their spears through the fence crazily, and their enemies bled non-stop. Soon, a layer of corpses piled up on the other side of the fence.

“Knock it down!” Agudamu shouted anxiously.

More cavalrymen jumped down their horses and tried to smash down the fence with their shoulders as they charged forward. More corpses piled up, but a section of the fence was knocked down at the price of 500 casualties.

The cavalrymen in the back roared and charged forward on their horses.

Shouts resonated in the sky, and the valiant cavalrymen rushed into the military encampment through the gap in the fence like a flood.

After the fence collapsed, the soldiers of Sui had to retreat, but they couldn’t outrun warhorses, and the side slashes coming from the cavalrymen were hard to dodge.

Soon, the defense line of Sui got pushed back.

After Agudamu’s men rushed in, Mandu Tele entered the encampment under the protection of his bodyguards.

“Mandu Lang!” he said to his cousin, “Not all of us should go in; you take 2,000 men and protect our back.”

Mandu Lang frowned and instantly understood Mandu Tele’s intention. This man only wanted to take all the credit.

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