Chapter 200: The Place Where Lanterns Were Hung (Part Three)

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Now that the cavalrymen were inside the military encampment of Sui, the infantrymen of Sui couldn’t stop them. The victory was within reach, and Mandu Tele didn’t want Mandu Lang to get more shares of this honor.

“Huha!” Mandu Lang nodded and didn’t look displeased at all.

His father was the righteous heir of Mandu Flag, but Mandu Latu poisoned their father and took the helm. Otherwise, he, Mandu Lang, should be commanding the battle.

However, his resentment couldn’t change anything.

Mandu Lang showed respect and obedience toward Mandu Latu since he was young; this was the only reason why he was still alive.

Seeing the Young Flag Master charging in with the cavalrymen, Mandu Lang who got left behind didn’t get angry. For some reason, a strange smile appeared on his face.

He stopped outside the military encampment with 2,000 men, and the chaos in his eyes grew bigger and bigger.

Those cavalrymen of Mandu Flag seemed like wolves inside a herd of sheep, running loose without fear.

“Did you all see where the red lanterns were hung?” Mandu Tele asked loudly.

“We did!” his bodyguards replied.

“Follow me and charge toward that location! Don’t waste time on other places! That location is the most important in the entire encampment! The enemy generals should all be there.”

“Huha!” Under the command of centurions and chiliarchs, tens of thousands of cavalrymen of Mandu Flag rushed into the military encampment of Sui.

They all followed the Young Flag Master and rushed toward the central tents. The cavalrymen formed a torrent and left a mess wherever they went.

The soldiers of Sui couldn’t block the charging cavalrymen of Mandu Flag, and they couldn’t chase after the enemies as well.

“Use your arrows to dismantle those tents!”

After getting to the center, Mandu Tele shouted in a loud voice. The cavalrymen quickly sheathed their sabers and took out their bows and arrows.

They aimed at the tallest tents in the area; those red lanterns were extremely eye-catching in such a dark night.

Arrows flew out like raindrops, and many holes appeared in the tents. Those arrows made the tents look like big hedgehogs.

If there were people inside these tents, they would be looking as ugly as ever.

“Wait!” Mandu Tele’s expression suddenly changed.

He only focused on charging forward and overlooked many details. About 700,000 soldiers lived in this military encampment, but there seemed to be too few enemies.

Mandu Tele looked around and felt like the encampment that was full of torches looked empty.

“Where are they?” Mandu Tele was startled, and he turned his horse around and shouted, “Retreat!”


The deafening beat of a war drum sounded at this moment, and the night suddenly became darker.

Even the moon disappeared as if Heaven closed its eye and didn’t want to see people die so savagely.

A layer of dark cloud suddenly dropped from the sky, and the suppressive atmosphere made it hard to breathe.

This dark cloud was made of densely packed javelins that were thrown into the air!

“Retreat!” When Mandu Tele shouted, the javelins fell. A group of cavalrymen fell to the ground, and groans of pain and calls for help instantly sounded. If a bodyguard didn’t block a javelin for Mandu Tele, he would also be on the ground and shouting for help.

A cavalryman shouted and tried to pull out the javelin that stabbed into his abdomen; he couldn’t handle something foreign stuck in his body. However, he regretted his action when he pulled out the javelin. Blood instantly gushed out, and the pressure in his abdomen forced his internal organs out as well.

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