Chapter 201: Victory, Enemy’s Conspiracy (Part One)

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The cavalrymen of Mandu Flag inside the military encampment of Sui fell into chaos.

They couldn’t maintain their calmness when they saw countless infantrymen of Sui appearing in every direction. The black armor of these infantrymen glared coldly under the illumination of torches.

These cavalrymen were fully surrounded by a circular metal wall.

Tens of thousands of javelins were thrown, harvesting the lives of these cavalrymen.

About 20 percent of the cavalrymen of Mandu Flag lost their ability to fight, and the groans of soldiers and the neighs of warhorses mixed, creating a sad melody.

Soon after these infantrymen appeared, many crossbow carts (ballista) were pushed out.

Under the command of generals of Sui, war drums sounded, and creaking noises followed.

The crossbow carts were loaded, then hundreds of huge arrows jabbed toward the cavalrymen.

The arrows that had the thickness of a human arm shot forward, and each of them easily penetrated several people. The arrowheads and fletches were all made with metal, and these arrows were lethal even if they didn’t hit the vital points in the human body.

When these arrows penetrated the cavalrymen, they left holes that were the size of a bowl.

Bone fragments and mushed organs were dragged out by the arrows and fell to the ground.

A huge arrow struck a cavalryman’s left shoulder, and half of his body was torn off. While blood was spilled and this cavalryman fell back, the huge arrow continued to move forward, penetrating another cavalryman’s chest. Then, it carried this corpse and jabbed into a warhorse’s neck. That warhorse fell sideways, and the cavalryman on the horse was pressed under it. He couldn’t pull out his leg, and the intense pain and fear made him groan and call for help.

“Shoot arrows and force them away!” Mandu Tele shouted, and fear could be heard through his hoarse voice.

The cavalrymen of Mandu Flag started to counterattack. They were extremely proficient at mounted archery, but the well-prepared infantrymen of Sui held shields that were about one meter tall, and there were shieldmen who held special shields that were about two meters tall. These shields blocked most of the arrows.

The wolf fang arrows that the cavalryman shot with their yellow wood bows weren’t able to penetrate the shields that were covered with a layer of thick leather.

However, the counterattack was fierce, and the shields that the soldiers of Sui held in the front were covered in arrows.

Overall, the counterattack wasn’t useful against the battle array that already formed, and the infantrymen of Sui suffered little casualties.

“Forward!” Great General Li Yuanshan who stood beside King Yang Kai of Xu State waved his command flag and shouted. The drummer behind him beat the war drum, and the soldiers of Sui moved forward in unison, pressing toward the panicking cavalrymen of Mandu Flag like mountains closing in.

“Your Highness, your method is the most useful. Nothing is more effective against cavalrymen than polearms!” Great General Yu Zhengdong laughed.

Yang Kai waved his hand and said, “You are flattering me. Your guys came up with this during the meeting. I already sent someone back to Chang’an, asking His Majesty to order the various workshops to rush the production of basic spears. Basic spears only need wooden sticks as bodies with metal spearheads, unlike traditional spears that are all metal.”

Behind the shields, the soldiers of Sui weren’t using the spears that they were used to. Rather, they were using a weapon that doubled in length, reaching four meters! They weren’t technically weapons; they were sharpened wooden sticks. Although they weren’t sharp and hard enough, they were great counters for cavalrymen, especially those who were surrounded and immobilized.

The cavalrymen of Great Sui were known as the fastest soldiers in the world; they self-claimed to be faster than the wind when they charged.

To get the greatest speed out of the warhorses, the cavalrymen had limited protection. To obtain powerful offensive abilities, they had to ditch defensive abilities.

Many sharpened four-meter-long wooden sticks were enough to deal with them.

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