Chapter 201: Victory, Enemy’s Conspiracy (Part Two)

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These cavalrymen of Mandu Flag tried to use arrows to stop the infantrymen of Sui from moving closer, but the latter wouldn’t stop even though there were casualties.

The archers of Sui were behind the shields. Although the bows delicately made by the workshops of Sui couldn’t shoot as high, the power was stronger.

The armor-penetration arrows easily got through the leather armor that these cavalrymen wore; the arrows even penetrated their bodies.

“Blow the horn and ask for reinforcements!” Mandu Tele who was on the verge of desperation shouted; he could only place his hope in the 2,000 cavalrymen who were outside the military encampment.

“Fortunately, I asked Mandu Fang to stay behind,” Mandu Tele thought to himself, “If I didn’t keep Mandu Lang outside to prevent him from getting more credit, I would be dead today!”

Although Mandu Tele was desperate, he still had confidence in the 2,000 cavalrymen outside. Once those cavalrymen charged in, they could tear an opening in the battle array of Sui. Although many cavalrymen would die here, he would be able to survive.

When the horn sounded through the beats of the war drum, Mandu Lang who was asked to stay behind didn’t react. Agudamu, the chiliarch, who stayed behind with him, looked at him and didn’t say anything.

“General, Young Flag Master blew the horn, seeking reinforcements!” Guhan, the other chiliarch, rushed to Mandu Lang and said anxiously, “We should instantly charge in and reinforce Young Flag Master!”

Mandu Lang looked at him and said, “That is right. We should do it right now. Are you willing to charge in the front?”

“Of course!” Guhan replied.

“Then let’s separate into two groups. You charge in from the left, and I will charge in from the right, jabbing in like two sabers. Regardless who saves Young Flag Master, just blow the horn, and we will all retreat,” Mandu Lang said politely.

Guhan felt guilty and thought, “Mandu Lang didn’t immediately issue the command because he was thinking about tactics.”

“Ok!” Guhan shouted and rushed back to his 1,000 men.

Mandu Lang suddenly smiled as he looked at Guhan, and he said to Agudamu, “Run circles around the encampment of Sui and don’t approach. I didn’t think this encampment could be raided in the beginning. Only idiots would believe that the soldiers of Sui wouldn’t be on guard on the Lunar New Year’s Eve.”

His smile was bright and proud.

He was the one who told Mandu Latu that the Lunar New Year’s Eve to the people of Sui was as important as the Fasting Festival to the people of Mongo-Yuan. Due to his subtle direction, Mandu Latu decided to raid the military encampment of Sui tonight.

“Messenger! Go tell Flag Master that Young Flag Master has been surrounded; ask him to reinforce us right now. If he is late, perhaps Young Flag Master would be dead!” Mandu Lang said with a smile as he looked at the military encampment of Sui, “Be as fast as possible.”

The shield formation gradually reduced the area that the cavalrymen of Mandu Flag had.

The archers behind the shields already moved away, and the soldiers with long sharpened wooden sticks appeared. They poked the cavalrymen until the latter fell off their horses.

Such wooden sticks would be useless in combat; any weapons that were hard to use would cause soldiers to die.

However, this was a different situation. The infantrymen of Sui only need to repeat one action robotically – poke forward.

Although these wooden sticks weren’t lethal and couldn’t penetrate the leather armor, they were enough to knock the cavalrymen of Mandu Flag off their horses.

For these cavalrymen, their combat strength reduced greatly once they were off their horses.

Out of the tens of thousands of cavalrymen who rushed into the military encampment of Sui, only less than 30 percent of them were still on their horses.

They could easily shoot a sprinting rabbit and tame a wild horse, but they couldn’t do anything to the battle array of Sui even though their sabers were sharp.

In their minds, battles were direct and bloody.

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