Chapter 202: The Lunar New Year’s Eve (Part One)

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After a full night of battle, it finally ended when the sun climbed above Wolf Breast Mountain Range.

The victorious soldiers of Sui started to clean up the battlefield and counted the casualties.

Before the battle, no one expected it to be such a glorious victory.

At least 300 captives were looking for Mandu Latu and his son’s corpses under the guard of soldiers of Sui, and the generals of Sui finally understood why Mandu Latu charged in with all his men.

Mandu Latu wasn’t a qualified general, but he was a great father.

Mandu Latu’s corpse was found in a pile of corpses. It seemed like Mandu Latu’s bodyguards wanted to bring back his corpse, but they couldn’t break through the defense.

The density of corpses in this small area was shocking. There were many corpses of soldiers of Sui as well.

It was easy to imagine how much strength that Mandu Latu’s bodyguards unleashed at the last moment. Even though they were vastly outnumbered, they killed about the same number of soldiers of Sui as them.

It was hard to estimate the potential that humans could unleash at their most desperate moment. Perhaps these bodyguards no longer thought about winning and only wanted to bring Mandu Latu’s corpse back home.

Soon, the captives found Mandu Tele who was almost stomped flat by warhorses. It was hard to count how many injuries this young warrior of Mongo-Yuan sustained before death. More than 20 arrows could be seen in his body, and his eyes didn’t close when he died.

Perhaps he saw the most hope right before death as his father’s voice sounded.

Regardless of his age and maturity, his reliance on his father must be the strongest at that moment.

However, this was war. Even though love was precious, death was the main melody of war.

King Yang Kai of Xu State blanked out when he looked at Mandu Latu’s corpse. Then, he walked to the corpses of those soldiers of Sui and saluted. Regardless of what others were thinking about, they all saluted alongside Yang Kai.

The main force of Mandu Flag was wiped out in this battle, and it was the most glorious battle of the war. Although the price was hefty, its importance would be documented in history books.

The biggest gain from this battle was those 30,000 plus warhorses.

The military of Sui never had so many warhorses before.

Without a doubt, the military of Sui would have a powerful cavalry legion soon.

Although Great Sui lacked warhorses, a group of outstanding soldiers in each of the 16 Guards were chosen to practice horseback riding skills and mounted archery, taking turns on the scarce warhorses.

These people could easily control warhorses. Although their proficiency was far from that of people of Mongo-Yuan, they should be able to quickly adapt to their new identities as cavalrymen.

These warhorses made the great generals’ eyes bloodshot. They started to argue before the cleaning was over. They all wanted more horses, but they couldn’t reach an agreement. Therefore, they asked Yang Kai, the forgotten chief general, to decide.

“I plan on informing His Majesty and using 20,000 warhorses to create a pure cavalry legion led by someone suitable. The other 16,000 warhorses can be split between the four great generals. Although you won’t be pleased, it will at least improve your strength and increase the number of mounted scouts that you have.”

Since the chief general made the decision, others couldn’t say anything even though they weren’t happy.

After calming down, the generals started to discuss how to create the first cavalry legion in the history of Great Sui. Someone suggested selecting outstanding battle soldiers from each of the four guards, but the great generals weren’t willing to each let go of 5,000 elite soldiers. Even though they could get back 5,000 soldiers, the quality would be different.

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