Chapter 203: The Unwelcomed Guest (Part One)

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Zhuo Buyi looked at the young man who was speaking in front of the Emperor, and he smiled subconsciously.

This young man said that he would be saying flattery, but it wasn’t typical, and the Emperor was happy.

“He used the most vulgar way to show his respect; this flattery is top-quality. Since when did this young man start to fit in Chang’an?” Zhuo Buyi thought.

Since Fang Jie’s status was low, he didn’t speak for long.

When Fang Jie returned to his seat, Chen Bolai already started to speak about his ancestor’s achievements. The Emperor arranged this, and the speech targeted the seniors.

Although these seniors were ordinary folks, they were reputable in their neighborhoods.

What they heard in the Royal Palace would soon be spread around the city.

“You spoke well,” Zhuo Buyi said with a smile, “Especially the point on big sleeves making eating difficult.”

Fang Jie thought, “That is the only truthful statement; of course you would find it nice. However, most people here aren’t interested in the truth but the latter half of what I said which sounded passionate.”

“I need to leave early,” Zhuo Buyi whispered, “The students of the Martial Arts Academy will be on break from now to the 15th of January. They might be assassinated within these 15 days. There are too many students and not enough royal guards. The murderer didn’t get the chance to do anything in the last few days; he probably is waiting for this break. I don’t think he escaped from Chang’an. Killing these students is only a method of reaching his goal. Although I don’t know his goal, I know that it hasn’t been reached.”

Fang Jie nodded and looked at the students sitting at the table. He whispered back, “Among these students, only Ma Lilian and I went to Half Moon Mountain that day. I will leave with her later; she might be in danger if we separate.”

“I will send people to follow you,” Zhou Buyi said.

Fang Jie recalled his meeting with the Emperor last time and the Emperor telling Su Buwei to look after him. Therefore, he shook his head and replied, “No need. There aren’t enough royal guards to begin with, and many people don’t want me to die. Plus, Da Quan and others are waiting outside. Unless the murderer is a level 9 master, nothing will happen to us.”

“Alright.” Zhuo Buyi nodded. “The people of the Daoist Sect are over there. If you feel in danger, you can travel with them. The murderer wouldn’t dare to do anything when daoists are around.”

Hearing this, Fang Jie wondered why he didn’t see Xiang Qingniu today. He looked around and instantly saw the fat daoist sitting close to the Emperor.

Fang Jie was slightly nervous when he toasted the Emperor earlier, and he didn’t notice where the people of the Daoist Sect sat.

Perhaps he sensed Fang Jie’s glance, Xiang Qingniu looked this way but didn’t show anything on his face.

Fang Jie wanted to laugh when he saw this fat daoist pretending to be serious while listening to Chen Bolai and others tell their ancestors’ achievements.

This guy seemed awkward when he was serious.

“Mr. Zhuo, can I ask a question?” Fang Jie asked, “Can you tell the strength level of that fat guy?”

Zhuo Buyi looked toward where Fang Jie was looking, then he shook his head and said, “The cultivation technique of the Daoist Sect is special. It is hard to tell how powerful these daoists are unless they show their strength. It is heard that when someone cultivates the Big Qi Cycle or the Small Qi Cycle of the Daoist Sect to a certain level, this person would recover his original simplicity, looking no different from an ordinary person, but his cultivation strength would be shockingly high.”

“Then there aren’t many such people in the Daoist Sect,” Fang Jie said with a smile, “Phoenix-Chirp Daoist clearly doesn’t look ordinary, so it means that he hasn’t cultivated to that level yet. However, he is already a red-robed godly daoist; only a few people in the Daoist Sect have a higher status than him.”

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