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Conquer the World Chapter 204.1

Chapter 204: Sharp Eyes (Part One)

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It was dark inside the room, and the person sitting in the room was covered in a black cloak, merging with the darkness.

He closed his eyes and breathed a little heavily.

Perhaps he enjoyed the scent inside this bedroom, he walked to the bed after a moment of hesitation. Then, he lay down on the bed and stuck his head into the soft quilt before sniffing.

This was a strange scene.

This man who had never been to a woman’s bedroom felt guilty now, but he was also curious.

A figure who wouldn’t even blink when killing people felt nervous inside a woman’s bedroom. Even he found it funny, and he smiled, showing his white teeth.

His teeth were white and straight, and his smile seemed gentle. If he washed his face carefully, perhaps he wouldn’t be ugly at all.

His face was dirty for some reason. Although the smell of blood was already gone, his appearance was still disgusting with bloodstains all over his face.

In fact, he looked quite strange. He was young, but he had many age spots on his face.

He wanted to cover himself with the quilt and feel this comfortable bed, but his hands suddenly froze in mid-air.

In the end, he sighed and fixed the bed that he messed up. He even cleaned his hair that fell onto the quilt. He clearly saw this strand of hair in complete darkness. Others would be surprised if they saw that.

Although this man’s face was disgusting and might make others puke, his hands were extremely clean. Not even a little bit of dirt could be seen under his nails.

His fingers were a bit thick and short, not slender and pretty. Seniors always said that these types of hands couldn’t play beautiful music since they weren’t agile enough.

This man’s attire was strange too. The black cloak seemed to be made from a grey robe, and it became black from dirt.

The thread that made this cloak was thick, and it wasn’t pretty. If a woman’s threadwork was this poor, she would be laughed at once she was married.

This man left the bed and returned to the chair. Then, he looked down at his cloak and zoned out.

“So ugly,” he suddenly murmured after a while, and it was hard to tell if he was talking about the cloak or something else. However, deep hatred could be heard in his tone.

When he looked up, he saw a bid-headed doll hanging on the window. It was made with a handkerchief and stuffed with shredded cloth, and it was simple. Curved brows and big eyes were drawn on the doll, and it had a big smile.

Although it wasn’t pretty, it was quite cute. It was probably made by the girl who lived here, and perhaps she wanted to see the joyous smile on the doll’s face, so she hung the doll on the window.

Since the window was closed, this man didn’t see the doll at first.

He walked to the doll and took it off the window before observing it. He seemed to like it and even rubbed it against his face. Then, he carefully tied this doll onto his belt.

Suddenly, he thought of something and looked conflicted.

“Kill? Or not kill?” he murmured to himself.

After looking at the doll hanging on his belt, he heaved a long sigh and prepared to leave. He knew that his decision was naïve and idiotic, letting that girl live just because of this doll. He would be scolded fiercely if the person who taught him learned about this.

When that person’s image appeared in his head, hatred suddenly flashed across his eyes, and an intense fear was hidden behind the hatred.

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