Chapter 204: Sharp Eyes (Part Three)

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At this moment, the man in the cloak stood up and waited for this woman to walk in.

He wanted to commit the perfect murder. Once he killed this woman, he would wait until everyone in the Guide General’s residence fell asleep before leaving.

His next stop was the residence of another student. He followed that student during the day, so he wasn’t in a hurry since he knew where to find that student.

The night was the time for demons and devils to roam around.

That person said it to him; this was the only thing that he didn’t disagree with.

The woman in front of the door only paused for a split second before walking in. Then, she turned around and closed the door before getting the fire starter on the table.

This man suddenly moved before the candle could be lit.

He already planned out his actions. He was going to kill this woman, grab the fire starter, and light the candle. Then, he would hold onto this woman’s corpse and walk her back to the bed before covering the corpse with the quilt that he smelled earlier.

Although his fingernails were as sharp as knives, he didn’t want to destroy this woman’s face. He looked at her from afar during the day. Although she wasn’t the prettiest, she was cute and likable. He decided to inject his finger force into her brain from the back.

No injuries would be visible on the surface, and her death would be peaceful.

Just as his fingers were about to reach her head, he suddenly dashed back as a noise sounded.

Poosh! A portion of his cloak fell from the air, and the woman lit the candle and smiled while turning around.

The man in the cloak was surprised.

This woman wasn’t Ma Lilian but the beautiful woman beside Fang Jie.

She held the candle with one hand, and her other hand seemed empty.

However, this man felt like she was holding a sharp longsword.

Without question, if his reaction speed was slightly slower, the sword spirit would have pierced his body.

Chen Qingshan who didn’t have a physical sword seemed even stronger.

“Surprised?” Chen Qingshan said lightly, “You shouldn’t have peeked out the window. Someone out there has sharp eyes as well. His name is Fang Jie; do you want to kill him?”

Before this man could answer, Chen Qingshan continued, “You want to; you wanted to when Fang Jie came out of Beckon of the Red Sleeve that night. Therefore, you can die now.”

Even though Cheng Qingshan didn’t move, the man in the cloak backed off and waved his hands to block. It seemed like many invisible swords were attacking him repeatedly.

As Chen Qingshan moved forward with the candle, the man in the cloak retreated. Many tiny blade marks appeared on the ground, table, walls, and window between them.

Crack! The table broke apart.

Tink! The bronze mirror split into half.

Bam! The bed collapsed.

Slash! Whoosh! Many cuts were appearing.

The man in the cloak suddenly turned around and smashed the window before jumping out, and he saw that young man named Fang Jie standing there with a bright smile.

A fist was waiting for him.

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