Chapter 205: Ink Three-Petal Lotus, Level 9 Master (Part One)

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The man in the cloak jumped out through the window, but Fang Jie’s fist was waiting for him.

Since this man was in mid-air and couldn’t maneuver, he had to punch Fang Jie to defend himself.

The two fists smashed into each other, and both flew backward.

Both of them heard their arms whining under pressure.

When he was about the land, the man in the black cloak turned his body forcefully in mid-air and dodged the sword spirit coming from behind him.

Fang Jie retreated three steps after landing before regaining his balance, then he looked at his right fist subconsciously.

This man’s strength was comparable to his! On top of that, Fang Jie had a vague feeling that this man’s strength wasn’t created by internal forces.

Since Fang Jie couldn’t cultivate, he was more familiar with the forces of muscles.

He suspected that this stranger’s physique wasn’t inferior to his.

The ugly man stabilized his body and frowned due to the pain in his back. Although he dodged fast enough, Chen Qingshan’s agile and sharp sword spirit still left a wound on his back. His cloak was cut in half, slowly falling onto the ground.

Fang Jie stood in front of him while Chen Qingshan stood behind him.

This was the most dangerous situation that he had been in since he entered Chang’an.

Chen Qingshan’s sword spirit deterred him, and Fang Jie’s fist shocked him. Even though he knew that Fang Jie was hard to deal with, he didn’t expect this young man’s physique to be so tough and sturdy.

He applied internal forces to his fist. Although his concentration was disturbed due to Chen Qingshan’s attack from behind, his internal forces should have greatly strengthened his muscular body.

However, his punch didn’t break Fang Jie’s arm.

Fang Jie’s senses were correct. This ugly man didn’t use a ton of internal forces in his punch. Otherwise, the wound on his back wouldn’t be light.

If he concentrated all his internal forces onto his fist, he would have injured Fang Jie, but the injury on his back could have reached his organs.

Fang Jie took a step forward and carefully observed this man under the light.

This man’s face was bizarre and wicked. Other than being dirty and disgusting, all the facial features were distorted. His skin seemed old and lifeless, but no wrinkles could be seen.

“You are from the Buddhist Sect?” Fang Jie asked.

The ugly man shook his head and didn’t speak.

Fang Jie pointed at him and said, “You are using this ugly thing to block your face because you are afraid of being recognized. This isn’t your face. I have never seen such an old face with a pair of energetic eyes. You aren’t speaking because you are afraid of me recognizing your voice. We must have met before. Now, are you going to take off the disgusting thing on your face? Or do you want my help?”

The ugly man smiled and didn’t make a sound.

He pointed at his face and shook his head.

Fang Jie asked, “You are too ashamed to see people?”

A trace of cold light flashed in this ugly man’s eyes; it felt like Fang Jie’s words hurt him.

He stared at Fang Jie fiercely, seeming to want to tear Fang Jie into pieces.

“Despicable people often have pitiable pasts. What had happened that made you want to appear like this? If Great Sui has done you wrong, why aren’t you killing those who wronged you? Why are you killing students of the Martial Arts Academy who are much weaker than you? Or do you enjoy killing? If it is the latter, I can only say that you are a sickening psychopath.”

It seemed like Fang Jie wasn’t in a hurry to attack.

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