Chapter 205: Ink Three-Petal Lotus, Level 9 Master (Part Two)

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“He died!” Finally, this ugly man roared in anger. His voice was hoarse, probably trying to hide his real voice.

“You are a clown.” Fang Jie sighed and took a step forward. Then, he said to the people behind him without turning his head, “Get me the best saber.”

Ma Lilian who was being protected by a dozen experienced soldiers wanted to walk forward, but she was blocked. One soldier ran up and handed his saber to Fang Jie before quickly returning to Ma Lilian’s side.

Fang Jie weighed the saber before asking the ugly man earnestly, “Do you have any last words?”

“Die!” The ugly man roared and dashed forward. At the same time, he flicked a finger on his left hand, and a streak of powerful finger force shot toward Chen Qingshan’s forehead.

Chen Qingshan didn’t dodge. She frowned, and a sword spirit suddenly struck forward, knocking the finger force away. At the same time, she pointed at the back of that ugly man.

It felt like something chilly was forming in the air, then hundreds of sword spirits appeared in front of her. When she straightened her finger, those invisible sword spirits struck toward that ugly man like meteors.

While Chen Qingshan did that, the ugly man dodged Fang Jie’s One Saber Strike. While his body twisted, he punched toward Fang Jie’s face.

Fang Jie didn’t dodge, and his right hand that was holding the saber suddenly turned at an impossible angle as if his arm broke, striking toward this ugly man’s arm unexpectedly.

Fang Jie’s saber and Chen Qingshan’s sword spirits almost reached this ugly man at the same time.

This ugly man suddenly howled, and a holy three-petal lotus bloomed around him.

Although it was intangible, the blooming process was so clear that the details of the petals could be seen.

The sword spirits and the saber struck the lotus at the same time, creating crisp noises.

Tink! Fang Jie’s saber was bounced back, and his right hand almost dropped the saber as it shivered slightly.

Hundreds of sword spirits struck the lotus petal that protected this ugly man’s back, and noises sounded non-stop.

The sword spirits couldn’t break the petal that seemed as thin as a bee’s wing.

Fang Jie took a step back and looked concerned.

“You are indeed related to that old monk,” he snorted and gradually stabilized his right hand.

Chen Qingshan, who was behind this ugly man, frowned. She had been pointing at his back, and her sword spirits attacked him like the raindrops of a storm. However, the fragile-looking lotus petal blocked everything.

She and Fang Jie had heard about what happened when Phoenix-Chirp Daoist hunted down Chenya. At the critical moment, a five-petal white lotus appeared and saved Chenya. At that time, no one knew who this mysterious figure in Chang’an was.

When the white lotus appeared for the second time, Fang Jie saw it with his own eyes. That old monk captured him, and Zhuo Buyi and others attacked that old monk at the same time. The brilliant white lotus bloomed and blocked everything.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist was able to put cracks into two petals with his repulsive forces. He used his full strength, but he failed to shatter the petals.

The second time, six cultivation masters attacked Wisdom together and shattered that white lotus. However, Wisdom escaped during that.

Crack! After blocking 999 sword spirits, the petal behind this ugly man finally cracked.

It was first a thin crack, and the crack gradually expanded. It felt like someone was painting natural patterns onto the petal to add to its beauty.

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