Chapter 206: Someone Is Waiting For You (Part One)

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Wisdom had a five-petal lotus, and Fang Jie saw how sturdy of a protection technique that was. When Fang Jie saw the three-petal lotus blooming, he instantly thought about Wisdom.

What happened after he was captured by Wisdom was still fresh in his mind.

Zhou Buyi, Du Hongxian, and Phoenix-Chirp Daoist…

Under the joint attack of those six masters, that white lotus shattered, but Wisdom escaped when that happened.

One thing Fang Jie wasn’t sure about was that if the white lotus was made with Wisdom’s cultivation strength, then how come Wisdom disappeared after the lotus shattered?

Where did Wisdom escape to?

Fang Jie still didn’t know the answer to that question. Not only him, but Zhuo Buyi and others also didn’t find the answer.

Great Sui knew too little about the Buddhist Sect, so these people knew nothing about Wisdom’s technique.

For the last 100 years, all of those who had battled members of the Buddhist Sect had died.

The fierce battle between cultivation masters on both sides 12 years ago was probably the biggest conflict between the Buddhist Sect and the Daoist Sect.

However, nothing was left from that battle. The few people who survived had disappeared, and only Li Nan in Chang’an was the only person who fought in that battle and was still around, yet he was a deserter.

Later, Du Hongxian appeared in Chang’an, but she wasn’t the strongest among that group of people, and she was a female, responsible for reinforcements, rescue, and ambush. She didn’t fight with those powerful figures of the Buddhist Sect directly, so her understanding of this sect was low as well.

Fang Jie saw the lotus again tonight in the Guide General’s residence, and it was holy and beautiful.

Wisdom’s lotus had five petals, and this ugly man’s lotus only had three petals. The difference in their strength was clear.

It was evident that there was a close connection between the ugly man and Wisdom. Fang Jie thought that this man perhaps was Wisdom’s disciple.

Chenya immediately came to mind. That handsome and dashing young man seemed like the polar opposite of this ugly man. One was handsome to the extreme while the other was ugly to the extreme.

Also, this man seemed closer to Wisdom than Chenya. Fang Jie killed Chenya, yet Chenya didn’t use such a defense technique in the last moment of his life. Wisdom didn’t teach this technique to him.

In the shortest amount of time, Fang Jie thought through many things. He also recovered his strength in this bit of time.

That ugly man’s counterattack was powerful, and Fang Jie took the punch with his tough body. Although he wasn’t injured, he felt his organs move, and blood dripped down his lips.

During this time, Chen Qingshan showed her stunning strength.

That giant invisible sword was too dominating even though it wasn’t in its final form.

Although the edges of the sword were still rough, the power of this sword was stunning.

The maids and bodyguards in the yard couldn’t even open their eyes, and blood dripped out of the two old butlers’ eyes.

When the sword fell, more people’s eyes started to bleed.

Chen Qingshan pressed her palms together.

Then, the giant sword fell from the sky.

The dominating sword spirit crushed onto the shattered white lotus that was protecting this ugly man, and it seemed like the Milky Way was falling down the sky.

Boom! It felt like the entire yard sunk into the ground.

The white lotus shattered completely, and the fragments looked like butterflies, gradually flying away and dimming.

Fang Jie moved at this exact moment.

He didn’t forget what happened when Wisdom used the white lotus technique those two times; he disappeared mysteriously both times.

When this lotus collapsed, Fang Jie charged forward and concentrated his strength onto his right arm, smashing forward.


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