Chapter 206: Someone Is Waiting For You (Part Three)

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“He can’t defeat you guys!” Fang Jie said, “Since he knows that he can’t defeat you guys, why would he kill people in Chang’an? Why would someone weak do this? He isn’t trying to seek revenge; he is trying to hide something.”

Zhuo Buyi’s eyes brightened, and he asked, “You mean that police chief named Fang Henshui used a method and obtained Wisdom’s strength? He doesn’t want to go to the Buddhist Sect, so he returned to Chang’an. Also, he doesn’t want to be recognized by people and be scared all the time, and he wants to use his strength to achieve great things. Therefore, he must kill everyone who saw his face that day.”

Fang Jie nodded and said, “Something like that.”

“Then, it isn’t hard to capture this person.” It wasn’t Zhuo Buyi but Luo Weiran who spoke.

He appeared in the yard somehow and walked to Zhuo Buyi. He looked at the face skin and said, “If he is Fang Henshui, his weakness is exposed right in front of us.”

No one asked; they all knew what this weakness was.

Fang Henshui’s parents were still in that small county in Yangtze-South.

“I’m no longer needed.” Fang Jie shrugged and seemed uncomfortable with this topic. He looked at Chen Qingshan and said gently, “Let’s go back.”

Chen Qingshan nodded; she didn’t look at anyone else from the beginning to the end.

Luo Weiran didn’t stop them and asked people to clean up.

Then, he looked at the man and woman who were walking away and suddenly laughed, “Fang Jie sure is a lucky guy.”

Zhuo Buyi also laughed, “Is it? Having such a powerful woman? At least Fang Jie couldn’t defeat her.”

Luo Weiran replied, “It is worth celebrating regardless. Not only did the murderer show his face, another level 9 cultivation master appeared in Great Sui. Did you see her sword?”

“No,” Zhuo Buyi shook his head and said, “But I feel like her sword is more terrifying than that of Li Nan. Li Nan became a level 9 cultivation master at an old age, so his sword contained more vicissitude and less aggressiveness. She is much younger, and her sword isn’t in its final form. Who knows how terrifying she would be in several years?”

Luo Weiran nodded and seemed thoughtful.

-East 18th Road-

Inside the abandoned yard, a figure smashed down from the sky. He couldn’t stabilize his body, and he spat out a mouthful of blood after landing. He only remained standing by propping himself up against the wall.

His eyes were filled with hate. He hated that his strength wasn’t high enough, he hated that his opponents were more dashing than him, and he hated that his life was full of tortures.

He walked into the ragged house while leaning against the wall, then he slowly slid onto the floor.

He tore the other half of the face skin off his face, and the hatred in his eyes intensified.

“It is all your fault!”

He roared, ignoring the blood that was flowing out of his mouth.

“I was an ordinary person; why did you change my life? Why didn’t you kill me? Why? If I died, I wouldn’t be like a dreadful ghost, being looked down upon by others and too shameful to see daylight. You can’t go back! Hahaha! Same with me!”

“Both of us can’t return!” He leaned against the wall and cried while covering his face. He didn’t dare to make too much noise, and tears and blood slid down his hands, dripping onto the ground.

“I need to be a top-tier figure!” He suddenly raised his head and looked out the window. All he could think about was Fang Jie, successful and powerful. That young man was a rare genius in the history of Great Sui, and he was set to have a fancy life.

This man himself? He was trying to survive like a wild animal.

“I’m going to surpass all of you!” this man clenched his fists and looked fierce.

At this moment, he suddenly got alerted and stood up.

Another person stood in the yard. He was in a fancy robe, and he was holding a folding fan even though it was cold at night.

It was hard to see this person in the dark, but no hostility could be sensed from him.

“I have been following you,” this person said gently, “Don’t worry; I don’t have any ill-intentions.”

“Who are you?” this man asked.

This person smiled and replied, “My last name is Qin, and my full name is Qin Liuqi. Perhaps you think my name is strange, but I will explain it to you later. If you don’t mind, you can come with me. Someone is waiting for you.”

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