Chapter 207: About Level 9 (Part One)

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Before Fang Jie left, he only faintly smiled at Ma Lilian, and Ma Lilian was saddened.

When she saw this couple walking away, Ma Lilian was filled with sadness and low self-esteem.

Without question, Fang Jie was the most outstanding young man she had ever seen, and it was his second time saving her life.

Since he was so great, only someone like Chen Qingshan could stand beside him.

That woman made Ma Lilian unable to feel jealous. The difference between them was almost day and night. Ma Lilian felt this way, making her even sadder.

“Yeah…” Ma Lilian shook her head and sighed in her mind, “Only such a woman fits Fang Jie.”

Guide General Ma Biao rushed back as soon as he could. He was terrified when he heard the news, and he immediately grabbed onto his daughter’s shoulders and asked caringly, “Daughter, are you alright?”

Ma Lilian snapped back to her senses and then shook her head. “Father, I’m ok.”

Ma Biao heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he was shocked when he saw the yard that seemed to have experienced an earthquake. He said with his mouth wide open, “My God! Daughter, who did you offend? I didn’t leave that long ago, yet our home is this messed up. My salary isn’t even enough to repair the yard.”

Ma Lilian laughed at the joke, and her sadness lessened.

“You aren’t caring about your daughter but your money first,” Ma Lilian joked, but Ma Biao quickly explained, “No, no. Nothing can be compared to you. When a royal guard told me that something happened here, my soul almost left my body. I was never scared on the battlefield, but I almost peed my pants when I heard that you might be harmed.”

“Father, can’t you be more serious?”

“What do you mean?”

“It is alright. Are you going back on duty?”

“Of course not. My superior already allowed me to take care of our home first before returning to the encampment. It seems like I won’t be going back in two weeks.”

“Oh, then you should rest.”

“Rest… Daughter, how come I feel like you are sad?”

“Nothing; I only got frightened.”

“Since I’m back, no one could harm you. I was invincible back in my days when I had my saber in hand…”

Ma Lilian cut him off and said, “Father, if you aren’t tired, how about we drink some liquor?”

She had heard him say those words many times.

“Alright, we haven’t drink in a while. Since you entered the Martial Arts Academy, you seem to have changed into another person. You are even doing embroidery which you hate. When your mother was still alive, she was most afraid of you becoming a tomboy. Now, she could rest in peace. I saw you embroidering a pair of love birds the other day. You are pretty good…”

“Father! You sneak-peeked at my stuff!”

“Ah? I didn’t! I saw it by accident. Daughter, tell me the truth. Do you like someone?”

“No… Perhaps he looks down on me. The girl beside him is so beautiful, powerful, and exceptional. She is prettier, gentler, and stronger than me. Father, I feel bad.”

“Who dares to look down on my daughter? I will go strip him naked and beat him after hanging him upside-down!”

Ma Lilian frowned. “Father…”

Ma Biao instantly changed his tone and said, “I won’t do it. I just want to help you vent your frustration. Daughter, if you feel like you are too low for someone, it is useless to self-pity. You must improve! When you are much better, others would need to flatter you!”

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