Chapter 208: Not Related (Part One)

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Chen Qingshan’s advancement made Fang Jie think of many things. He knew that the fastest way to increase his strength was through real combat. 

If someone kept to himself and practiced diligently, his cultivation strength might be high, but he wouldn’t be able to defeat many people.

On Earth, there were cases where martial arts masters were knocked out by bricks. 

There is a saying that if you want to beat others, you must get beat first.

On the second day, Fang Jie left Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence and got back to the Martial Arts Academy. 

Many students didn’t leave the academy. For example, there were students whose families were far away; this 15-day break wasn’t even enough for a one-way trip. Also, some students were poor and didn’t have money to socialize with those rich gongzi. They stuck together and chatted, which wasn’t a bad thing.

Most of the students who stayed in the academy were from the military, but the most special one was Xie Fuyao from Yangtze-South Xie Family. He had money to spend and relatives in Chang’an, but he stayed back to read books and cultivate.

Since most of the other students staying in the academy repelled him because he was technically a gongzi, he seemed lonely.

When Fang Jie found him, Xie Fuyao was reading a book beside a man-made mountain in the backyard of the academy.

The Martial Arts Academy had many books, and the students could borrow them.

Most of these books were written by previous professors, and some of them were donated by the military and rewarded by the emperors.

After more than 100 years, there were a ton of books here.

Xie Fuyao was reading a book called The Record of the Innumerable-Sword Hall

Since Fang Jie heard Chen Qingshan mention the Innumerable-Sword Hall last night, his curiosity toward this overlord of the martial arts circle years ago was piqued.

However, this book wasn’t written by the Innumerable-Sword Hall but someone else in the martial arts circle.

“You have the three ultimate techniques of Wudang Mountain to practice; why are you reading this?” Fang Jie asked as he sat down beside Xie Fuyao.

Xie Fuyao smiled and closed the book before asking, “You have a beautiful woman to attend to; why are you here?”

Fang Jie laughed, “My body is itching. I want to beat others, and I also want to get beat.”

“So you are here to treat me like a sandbag?”

“Don’t joke…” Fang Jie glared at him and said, “You know which one of us is the real sandbag. If you want to, you can bruise my entire face.”

“You are being fake.” Xie Fuyao glared back and said, “If you don’t give me a proper reason, I would be too lazy to be your practice partner. I didn’t leave the Martial Arts Academy because I want to enjoy some peace, yet you are here to bother me. Say something genuine to convince me. Otherwise, you can go back home, and I can go back to reading.”

“I have a woman,” Fang Jie said seriously.

Xie Fuyao froze for a second before replying with slight anger, “You came all the way here to brag?”

“No…” Fang Jie explained after a moment of silence, “I can’t defeat her.”

Xie Fuyao froze again, and he looked at Fang Jie sympathetically, patted his shoulder, and said, “My condolences.”

Fang Jie pursed his lips and said, “Can you be more sympathetic?”

“Alright…” Xie Fuyao stretched his back and laughed, “Although your reason is somewhat genuine, there is something else. There is a saying that you must give before you receive.”

Fang Jie clenched his teeth and said, “Anything above ten silver taels is a no!”

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