Chapter 21: Which Beautiful Sister? (Part One)

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“You shouldn’t have shown me your rune skills.” Du Hongxian casually threw Mu Three to the side, and the corpse smashed into small a tree. Its back hit the tree, but its head and butt collided. Except for those who mastered jujutsu, only corpses could execute such a move with this high-level of difficulty.

After casting a glance at Li Xiaozong, Du Hongxian patted away the snowflakes on her body.

“I don’t think that I hid from you in the last three years at Fangu.” Li Xiaozong shrugged and looked at Wu Peisheng’s corpse helplessly. “Do you know how big of a trouble you caused me?  This guy held the ink brush for His Majesty, so he was well-liked in the Royal Palace. His weight couldn’t be ignored. He died in Fangu. If I can’t think of a good excuse, I might be executed when I return to Chang’an.”

“If the Emperor is willing to kill you, then he is a fool.” Du Hongxian glared at Li Xiaozong and said, “Wu Peisheng is already dead. Will the Emperor of Great Sui kill a level 7 cultivation master who knows martial arts and runes? If he could do this, how could he have rose among the six princes and obtained the throne?”

“It seems like you know a lot about the Royal Family,” Li Xiaozong asked with a frown.

“I don’t know a lot, but I know some things that others don’t. I probably lived in Chang’an much longer than you,” Du Hongxian said while looking at the icicle on the ground, “You can only control one icicle?”

“Yeah,” Li Xiaozong replied while nodding.

“I should kill you before you get more powerful,” Du Hongxian said earnestly.

“But it seems like you won’t kill me today.” Li Xiaozong shrugged

“Great Sui has too few cultivation geniuses. It would be a pity if you died. Letting you live would be great for the Empire and the people of Great Sui since a potential level 9 master is worth celebrating. You should be thankful that Heaven gave you such a great talent.” Du Hongxian thought for a second and added, “However, I need to ask a few questions. If you aren’t honest, I will beat you again, and I won’t hold back this time.”

“Please ask.” Li Xiaozong gestured before taking out the healing medicine, applying it on his shoulder that was injured the most. Then, he ripped a piece of cloth from his jacket to wrap around it.

Du Hongxian asked, “If I didn’t appear, Fang Jie would be dead already, and he would be charged with a random crime, right? His corpse might even be casually buried or tossed out of the city to feed the wolves, right?”

“You are correct,” Li Xiaozong replied earnestly, “If you didn’t appear, why would I kill a popular person before the Emperor? As well as more than 30 officials from the Court of Judicial Review and the Ministry of War? Do you think I can do whatever I want in Fangu? If I have such power, why would I come here to suffer for three years?”

“Did many people die in the encampment since you wanted to frame Fang Jie?” Du Hongxian asked again.

“A total of 25 of them,” Li Xiaozong replied honestly.

“What is your plan?” she asked again.

“The Imperial Commissioner, Eunuch Wu Peisheng from the Royal Study, came to Fangu with 36 officials from the Court of Judicial Review and the Ministry of War. When they were about 13 kilometers away from the city, they were attacked by the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan that snuck into our territory. When I heard the news, I immediately reinforced them with 800 elite soldiers. When I got there, they were already killed. It was a level 8 master who killed the Imperial Commissioner. Even though I knew that I couldn’t defeat this figure, I chased with the soldiers. I was injured 32 times, and dozens of soldiers died in the process. In the end, we still couldn’t avenge the Imperial Commissioner.”

After pausing for a second, he added, “Of course, I will write a memorial to the throne, asking His Majesty to send someone more capable to guard Fangu. I’m willing to be executed due to my negligence in this case. However, I still need to find talent for the Empire. Scout Lieutenant Fang Jie of Fangu is brave in battles and earned 21 counts of military merit. When chasing after the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan, he killed six enemies and got injured many times. According to the rules of the Empire, I will recommend him to participate in the entrance exam of the Marital Arts Academy.”

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