Chapter 21: Which Beautiful Sister? (Part Two)

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After saying that, Li Xiaozong asked, “Is this enough?”

“Will the Emperor believe you?” Du Hongxian asked back.

Li Xiaozong laughed and said, “Just like what you said, His Majesty would have to believe it. For a dead eunuch, will you kill another talented general with a great prospect? Although he wouldn’t kill me, punishment couldn’t be avoided, but it wouldn’t be severe. After all, I’m a member of Long-West Li Family. If Great General Li Yuanshan of Right Valiant Guard send another memorial to the throne to verify what I said, what will happen to me?”

“Aren’t you afraid of instigating the war between Great Sui and Mongo-Yuan?”

Li Xiaozong smiled and asked back, “Perhaps His Majesty is waiting for an excuse to start this war. However, the discussion will last at least a year, and the old officials will for sure try to block it. At the most, Great Sui will send troops to kill a few small clans. As to Mongo-Yuan… if they want a war, would they have waited this long?”

“If you aren’t a member of Great Sui…” Du Hongxian turned around and walked away, and her voice gradually disappeared in the night. “I would have turned you into a meat pie. Bury those soldiers honorably and give their families more compensation. If you can’t do this, I will come back and kill you.”

“This isn’t a problem,” Li Xiaozong said, but gloominess flashed in his eyes.

-Beckon of the Red Sleeve-

Little Dot looked at Fang Jie who had collapsed onto the bed and said angrily, “You knew that you couldn’t fight, but you had to copy others. I heard that many people died close to the west gate. You were lucky to be saved by Grandpa Luo. Also, why did Aunt Xi ask me to apply the ointment for you?”

Fang Jie laughed while unbuttoning his shirt with difficulty, “Isn’t it because I fell for you long ago? Aunt Xi is helping us to come together. Why can’t you understand?”

“Go die!”

Little Dot hammered Fang Jie’s chest with her fist, and Fang Jie cried in pain before turning soft and falling back down onto the bed.

Little Dot rolled her eyes and said, “Stop pretending. You only know how to trick me. Can you stop joking about this? I’m a proper girl… Fang Jie, get up!”

She reached over and tried to pull Fang Jie up, but she couldn’t do it. Upon a closer look, she saw that Fang Jie fainted for real. Her face instantly changed color, and she ran out to call for help.

Aunt Xi’s room was the innermost on the second floor of Red Sleeve Pavilion. It was more like a standalone apartment with three connected rooms. It was decorated with antiques, and the furnace was burning, making the temperature in here drastically different from the outside. In order to get rid of the smell of smoke, sandalwood powder was ignited to add a sense of wooden fragrance to the room. It was something that ordinary families couldn’t afford to do.

Since it was dry in the winter, three basins of hot water were placed in the room, and they were changed every hour. With the water vapor, people’s noses wouldn’t feel dry and uncomfortable here. The most eye-catching thing in here was the large bookshelf beside the wall. All kinds of books and documents could be seen here. On the desk, there was the Huang State Sunken-Mud Inkstone and the De State Seven-Filtered Rice Paper; they were the most precious and expensive in their categories.

[TL Note: In ancient China, people used inkbrushes to write on rice papers.]

Just the decorations in this place could feed the residents of Fangu for a while if they were turned into money.

Aunt Xi who was wearing a faint-purple long dress looked at Mu Xiaoyao who was sitting across from her and then at the crippled old man who was giggling like a fool.

“Grandpa Luo, congratulations,” Aunt Xi said with a smile.

The crippled old man nodded and said, “If you said congratulations to me before, I couldn’t accept it. But what is happening today is worth celebrating. I have looked around for dozens of years and finally found a disciple. I can finally die without regrets.”

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