Chapter 210: Killing in Daylight (Part One)

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It was hard to understand how great this tower ship was without getting on it.

Although it only had three floors, this tower ship’s design was extremely unique.

This three-story tower ship was as tall as a five-story military ship, and there was a delicately made platform on the top, allowing several people to sit and chat.

After getting onto this tower ship, Fang Jie realized that one could glance over Chang’an; even the Royal Palace about three kilometers away could be seen.

Yang Yin, Royal King Yi, pointed at Chang’an and laughed, “When I’m free, I like standing here and looking around. Especially in the winter; it is enjoyable to see the snow.”

“I sometimes walked past this place, and I thought this is a tower in this residence. I’m surprised that it is actually a ship,” Fang Jie said.

Yang Yin laughed, “The ship is the tower. This ship was built in here, and I never planned on traveling on it. Plus, this waterway is too narrow and shallow; the ship can’t move around freely. Empress Dowager misses me, and she said many good things about me in front of His Majesty. His Majesty was kind and allowed me to stay in Chang’an to spend time with Empress Dowager. His Majesty even gave me money from the Ministry of Revenue to fix up my residence. I thought that instead of fixing up the old buildings, it is better to build a new one. Since I’m lazy and fun-loving, I thought of building a ship in here.”

[TL Note: Empress Dowagers were typically mothers of the emperors and royal kings; they didn’t have to be biological mothers. One emperor could only have one queen, and that queen would become empress dowager to the new emperor after the old emperor dies.]

Then, Yang Yin looked at Fang Jie and said, “I got His Majesty’s permission, then I hired workers and built this tower ship in about six months. Although it looks like a ship, it has a foundation; it can’t move. It is too big for this waterway. Fang Jie, do you know that there is a type of fish in the Eastern Ocean? The fish are dozens of meters long, and they look like small islands when their backs are exposed above the water surface. Does my tower ship look like such fish? Too bad that the big fish could swim freely in Eastern Ocean, but my ship is only a symbol.”

Fang Jie replied, “I have heard of such stories. When the fishermen of Great Sui go into Eastern Ocean, they often see this type of fish; the name of fish is Kun. The big ones do look like islands. Isn’t there the legend saying that a fish named Kun grew so big that even the ocean couldn’t contain it, so it went through countless tribulations and turned into a bird named Peng, flying in the sky.”

“You heard of this story as well?” Royal King Yi laughed, “I always get emotional when I hear this story. How big of a fish must that be? Even the endless ocean couldn’t contain it. I finally realized that even the ocean has limits, and only the sky is truly limitless. Kun could turn into Peng and fly in the sky freely.”

Fang Jie replied, “It is only a mythical legend; it can’t be real. I don’t believe that a fish could turn into a bird.”

He pointed at the pond outside the tower ship and said, “This pond isn’t big. If this pond is an ocean, then these koi fish are like Kun. The river fish are big, but the ocean fish are bigger; this is a natural law. If many giant fish are on the coastline, how would fishermen dare to fish? They could only hope that Kun would leave the ocean, so they created this story. The story is great, but big fish are still in the ocean.”

“Hahaha!” Royal King Yi laughed and seemed to enjoy what Fang Jie said.

“You are right. How could fish grow wings and fly in the sky? Even if they are big, they can only stay in the ocean.” Perhaps Yang Yin realized that his sentimental tone was strange, so he changed the topic.

He turned around and pointed at the items on the table while saying, “Let’s not talk about those boring things. Come here and take a look. These are the gifts that merchants of Eastern Chu gave me. These merchants of Eastern Chu love to travel and do business around the world. They sell our good stuff to outlanders for high prices, and they sell good stuff from outlanders to us for high prices as well, making a ton of money.”

Then, he grabbed an item and passed it to Fang Jie. “Look at this; do you think it is boring?”

Fang Jie took the item and casually pressed on a button. The top of the box opened, and a small figurine popped out. It was about the size of a fist, and it looked ugly with a wide smile.

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