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Conquer the World Chapter 210.3

Chapter 210: Killing in Daylight (Part Three)

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Ba State City was about 60 kilometers away from Chang’an, and it was a big city that had tens of thousands of residents.

This place was built as a guardian city of Chang’an. It was about ten kilometers on each side, and the walls were firm.

A total of 3,000 soldiers were stationed here, and they were a part of Right Reverent Guard.

There were about eight of such guardian cities around Chang’an, and the soldiers would shift around.

Although Ba State had the word ‘state’ in its name, it was more like a county.

Since this county was so close to Chang’an, the magistrate was a rank 7 first-tier official. The magistrates of bigger counties were only rank 7 second-tier officials.

The structure of official positions was strict; this one tier of difference was like a chasm, and many people couldn’t get over it in their lifetimes.

The people living in Capital Region Circuit were mostly fierce, and there were countless people practicing martial arts.

The biggest force in Ba State was named the Golden-Ring Broad Saber Gate, and the gate master was a local; people called him Jin Sanhuan, meaning three golden rings as a reference to the three golden rings on his saber. Not many people knew his real name.

Although Great Sui didn’t prohibit martial arts, the government had strict control.

Since Jin Sanhuan was a relative of the magistrate, his life was great, and his disciples were reckless.

Although they never bullied anyone, ordinary people weren’t willing to interact with them.

It was heard that the Golden-Ring Broad Saber Gate secretly accepted assassination requests at the price of 500 silver teals each.

However, this might be a rumor since Ba State City was only 60 kilometers away from Chang’an; who dared to mess around so close to the Emperor?

Jin Sanhuan only had a rank 7 magistrate behind him; there were countless rank 7 officials in Chang’an.

Today, after Jin Sanhuan instructed his disciples, he felt a little bored. Since he hated the cold outside, he decided to go back to his room and drink liquor next to the furnace.

Recently, he was fond of a young girl, but he had a tough wife at home; he didn’t dare to do anything.

Plus, his brother-in-law was the magistrate. Without his brother-in-law, the Golden-Ring Broad Saber Gate wouldn’t be able to prosper.

Although the Golden-Ring Broad Saber Gate was a force, it was too small to be influential, so Jin Sanhuan had to rely on his brother-in-law.

Since Jin Sanhuan was troubled by the thought of getting a concubine, he was worried all day. He didn’t dare to offend his wife, but he also wasn’t willing to let that cute girl go.

After he asked a disciple to buy stewed meat for him, he grabbed a plate of roasted peanuts and a jar of liquor from the kitchen and returned to his room.

He was stunned and angered after he entered the room.

“Thief! How dare you come into my room?” After cursing, Jin Sanhuan threw the plate in his hand forward.

The person in the room dodged to the side and shook his head in disappointment. He said, “Another wastrel. How come the targets that the organization selected recently are all trash?”

Jin Sanhuan was enraged, and he punched forward.

That figure sighed slightly and didn’t even dodge.

When Jin Sanhuan punched out, his eyes suddenly opened wide.

A man in a tight purple uniform appeared behind him and tired a silver string around his neck.

After this man used force, Jin Sanhuan’s head fell down his neck.

The intruder in the room frowned and said with slight anger after seeing the blood that spilled onto his clothes, “How did I teach you? Why are you so careless?”

The killer instantly lowered his head and replied respectfully, “Deputy, please pardon me. I won’t make this mistake next time.”

The deputy nodded and said while waving his hand, “Let’s go to the next stop. Hopefully, we can encounter someone who actually has strength.”

Before leaving, this man looked back at the saber with three golden rings on it, and he paused for a second before walking over to pick it up.

Then, he pulled the three rings off it and put them into his pocket.

This man… was Zhang Kuang!

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