Chapter 211: Fight Between Brothers (Part One)

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When Fang Jie saw the saber named Morning Dew, he couldn’t move his eyes away.

His attention that was on the hand cannon got completely pulled by this saber.

Yang Yin smiled when he saw the heat in Fang Jie’s eyes.

The best way to befriend someone was to gift this person what he wanted.

Fang Jie accepted the Moring Dew Saber, and the chilliness of the saber instantly spread throughout his body, surprising him a ton.

He took a careful look and realized that there was indeed a layer of tiny water droplets on the blade, and the reflection under the light was extremely beautiful.

This saber was much heavier and slightly longer than the military-grade sabers of Great Sui.

The most amazing feature of the saber was the layer of water droplets on the blade. Although it was chilly around the saber, the water droplets didn’t freeze.

Fang Jie wiped the water droplets away with his sleeve out of curiosity, and soon water droplets gradually formed again.

Yang Yin picked up the gem-inlaid short saber that Fang Jie looked at before and said, “That merchant of Eastern Chu said this short saber is a precious weapon, and it can cut through gold and jade. Let’s test and see which one of these two sabers is tougher.”

Fang Jie was afraid that this perfect Morning Dew Saber would be damaged; he didn’t even want a tiny dent in the blade.

Yang Yin smiled and suddenly struck the Morning Dew Saber with the short saber in his hand.

Fang Jie could have easily dodged, but he hesitated for a moment and didn’t move.

The saber in Yang Yin’s hand instantly turned into two pieces, and no damage could be seen on the Morning Dew Saber.

Fang Jie looked at the saber in his hand and fell in love with it.

“I gifted you this saber so that you can benefit Great Sui. Of course, I also like you as a person. Later, I will find a great craftsman and create a sheath for this saber.”

Fang Jie put the Morning Dew Saber on the side and bowed toward Royal King Yi with his hands cupped.

Chen Qingshan who stood on the side looked at that saber before looking at Royal King Yi with a slight frown.

Since she stood on the side, Yang Yin didn’t see her expression.

Yang Yin walked forward and stopped Fang Jie from bowing, and he said with a smile, “As I said, you fit this saber the most. If this saber lies in my storage and doesn’t get to see daylight, it would become an ordinary weapon. If you want to thank me, you can help me later when I need help.”

“Your Highness, just ask me when you need help,” Fang Jie replied sincerely.

Yang Yin nodded with satisfaction and pointed at the things on the table while saying, “If you like anything else here, you can grab one. I got these things for free, so I will give one to you for your future favor.”

Fang Jie thought for a while and said while pointing at the hand cannon, “I will take this.”

Royal King Yi nodded and turned around before asking Chen Qingshan, “Do you have anything you like? You can grab anything you want. This is your first time meeting me, so I should give you a gift.”

Chen Qingshan said with a smile, “Your Highness, thank you for your appreciation. However, I don’t know what to take. You can just gift me anything you like.”

“Haha!” Yang Yin seemed to be in a good mood, and he chose a fan that was made of gold and had many gems inlaid in it. He passed it to Chen Qingshan and said, “Shan means a fan. Although this fan doesn’t fit your temperament, it fits your name.”

“Thank you for the gift, Your Highness.” Chen Qingshan accepted the fan and took a detailed look at it.

This fan was only a beautiful art piece; it can’t be used to create wind or be used as a weapon. However, it was valuable since a ton of gold was used to make it.

“Let’s go and have a meal.” Yang Yin seemed happy after giving out three gifts, and he ordered the servants to put away everything else. Then, he walked to the third floor.

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