Chapter 211: Fight Between Brothers (Part Two)

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The servants already placed dishes and liquor on the table.

The dishes weren’t luxurious nor rare, but the chef was clearly experienced. Although these dishes looked normal, it was difficult to perfect the common dishes.

“Sit down.” Yang Yin sat down and said, “There aren’t outsiders; there are only the three of us. I prepared a few pure girls from pleasure quarters, but Qingshan is here as well. Fang Jie, you can’t say that I’m not a good host.”

Fang Jie smiled awkwardly and said, “Your Highness, sorry about this.”

Yang Yin replied, “This is nothing. It would be funny if a man doesn’t have women around him. You can judge a man’s success by the women around him.”

Fang Jie didn’t know how to respond; it seemed like the truth, even though it might be a little degrading.

From the other perspective, which woman didn’t want their partner to be a great hero or successful figure?

“Juexiao, how long do you think the war in the northwest will last?” Yang Yin asked casually after drinking a cup of liquor.

“It wouldn’t be hard to conquer Mandu Flag, but it would be tough to defend it. It will take at least several years. If Great Sui occupies Mandu Flag, Mong Ge will send soldiers to take it back, regardless of how long it may take. Therefore, I don’t know exactly how long this war will go.”

Yang Yin nodded and asked after a moment of silence, “Then, do you think waging this war is right or wrong?”

Fang Jie’s heart lurched when he heard this question.

-East Warmth Chamber, Tai Chi Palace-

The Emperor sat on the heatable brick bed with his legs crossed, and he was flipping through a book.

Perhaps he was tired from viewing all the memorials to the throne, he found an ancient book and read it to relax.

He felt like he had memorized the content of this book when he was young, but he forgot most of it after about 30 years.

Being a prince was much harder than being an ordinary child. There was too much to study, and there was no free time to play and relax.

It was tougher to be an emperor; you wouldn’t even have the desire to play after doing work all day diligently.

After thinking about this, the Emperor grew a little jealous of his father who sat on the throne for about 40 years.

The Emperor was very different from his father. His father never locked himself in the cage called the Royal Palace; his father would almost leave Chang’an to inspect different regions every year to relax.

Yang Yi sometimes thought about dropping everything and having fun for a while. The Tour Palace beside East Ocean was built about seven years ago, but he had never been there.

Although the Emperor should have seen many things, he hadn’t seen much. He never saw oceans, the Yangtze River, the grassland, and 100,000 Mountains. He had never been to Yangtze-South that was picturesque as well.

The Emperor’s life seemed boring, but Yang Yi enjoyed it.

He loved the feeling of wielding power; it was more satisfying than seeing magnificent scenery.

He also liked viewing memorials to the throne which his father considered to the most torturous.

With Great Sui’s strength and foundation, nothing bad would happen even if the Emperor didn’t do anything.

However, Yang Yi wasn’t willing to be idle. Since he was the ruler, he must do something big and be remembered in history!

Since he became the ruler of Great Sui, he was determined to make his mark.

Great Sui was established more than 100 years ago. Except for the First Emperor who created the nation and the Second Emperor who greatly expanded the territory, which other emperor left a deep mark in history?

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