Chapter 211: Fight Between Brothers (Part Three)

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Those two emperors were still being admired and praised by the people after 100 years.

If Yang Yi didn’t do anything shocking, his name would be weak in the history books.

Therefore, he chose to wage a war against Mongo-Yuan.

Which emperor of Great Sui dared to target Mongo-Yuan?

Yang Yi was bold enough!

Since many messy thoughts occupied his head, Yang Yin closed the book and rubbed his brows. After a moment of silence, he asked lightly, “Is Fang Jie still in Royal King Yi’s residence?”

Su Buwei bowed and replied, “Your Majesty, he hasn’t come out yet. The Shadow Guard has been monitoring him. Using a monocular, they saw Fang Jie and Royal King Yi getting onto the highest floor of that tower ship for a while.”

The Emperor nodded and said, “Fang Jie is smart; he won’t disappoint me after I gave him this task. My sixth brother still hasn’t given up; he is even using some dirty tricks. He is still unwilling to drop his plan after I killed Hou Junci, the former deputy of the Ministry of War, and fired Yu Donglai, the former head of the Ministry of War. Is he really possessed by the idea of entering the government? Or does he have other thoughts?”

Su Buwei didn’t dare to respond and didn’t know how to respond.

The Emperor knew that Su Buwei wasn’t bold enough to answer, so he sighed and said, “Please tell Principal Zhou that I have something to discuss with him.”

Su Buwei nodded and left the room.

The Emperor stretched his stiff neck and sighed while looking at the setting sun.

Royal King Yi had been active recently, and the Emperor knew that his sixth brother wanted to become the chief general of the war in the northwest. Some people in the government already started to talk for him, saying that Yang Kai, the King of Xu State, wasn’t experienced enough to handle everything, and Yang Kai’s cowardice led to the delays in the war.

“They are all speaking for my sixth brother.” The Emperor knew about this, but he wasn’t sure if his sixth brother had other ideas.

Many officials had secret connections with Royal King Yi. Although the Emperor expected this, he was still stunned by the name list that Luo Weiran gave him.

Although not all these officials were standing with Royal King Yi, they benefited from him and would speak for him.

The Emperor should be alerted even if one official stood with Royal King Yi loyally.

After thinking everything through, the Emperor realized that Fang Jie was the most suitable figure for approaching his sixth brother. Out of all the officials, he didn’t fully trust anyone of them!

Did he trust Fang Jie?

The Emperor asked himself this question, but the answer was… no! He could never fully trust anyone.

However, the Emperor smiled and murmured, “If you are useful, I won’t ignore your talent. On top of leaving a peaceful Great Sui for the crown prince, I need to give him a few useful talents.”

At this moment, the thick cotton door curtain was lifted, and a small head pocked in. After looking around, this boy smiled brightly and asked, “Father, can you fly the kite with me?”

This cute boy had a round face, and his big eyes were his most beautiful feature; it felt like he could talk through his eyes.

Yang Yi reached out his hands, and that boy ran into the room and climbed onto the heatable brick bed before jumping into Yang Yi’s arms.

“Big Sister won’t fly the kite with me. Father, can you do it with me?”

“Ok!” The Emperor lifted the boy over his head and said, “I will raise you high so that no one can reach you, ok?”


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