Chapter 212: Testing Each Other; Each Step Is Dangerous (Part One)

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Royal King Yi asked Fang Jie if he thought that the war against Mongo-Yuan was correct or not.

If this got out, even Yang Yin would be punished for doubting the Emperor on this big issue.

Fang Jie was shocked. He only met Yang Yin a few times. Even though Yang Yin gifted him the soft armor and the Morning Dew Saber, this man wasn’t an idiot and wouldn’t do dumb things.

Fang Jie quickly understood Yang Yin’s intention, and his heart lurched a little.

Fang Jie only frowned and didn’t reply.

Yang Yin laughed, “I’m only kidding. How could His Majesty’s decision be wrong? The savages of Mongo-Yuan have been looking at Great Sui with thirst; this war is going to happen sooner or later. Instead of waiting to be invaded, it is better to be aggressive. His Majesty prepared for this war for 12 years, and nothing can go wrong.”

Fang Jie thought to himself, “You are the exception.”

Yang Yin changed the topic and said, “You were a scout corporal in Fangu for three years. Tell me some stories. I heard that the women of Mongo-Yuan are big and fiercer than men. They could capture horses with their hands and lift livestock with ease. Is this true?”

Fang Jie replied with a smile, “That is an exaggeration. The women of Mongo-Yuan are women as well; how could they be that different? Their skin is slightly darker due to being in the sun all day, and they are strong from all the activities. They aren’t as feminine as the women of Great Sui, but they are still weaker than men. If they could do everything themselves, there would be no need for men.”

Yang Yin said with a smile, “I see. I was wondering how the men of Mongo-Yuan could survive if those women are so tough.”

Since Yang Yin’s words had double meanings, the two beauties who were accompanying him giggled.

With his arms around these two beauties, he kissed one girl and said, “What are you laughing about? If you laugh more, I will send you to the grassland; see if you will have the energy to laugh then!”

That girl replied coquettishly, “Your Highness, please pardon us. We still need to serve you.”

Chen Qingshan frowned in displeasure. She was an aggressive person, and she hated it when women lowered themselves. If she wasn’t facing Royal King Yi, she would have slapped him.

While she suppressed her anger, her hand suddenly felt warm. She turned to the side and saw Fang Jie grabbing her hand under the table.

Fang Jie slightly shook his head with a gentle expression, and Chen Qingshan lowered her head and blushed before holding onto Fang Jie’s hand tighter.

“I told you two to be serious, but you are still being coquettish. If my guests are angered, I will really punish you!”

Ying Yin joked with the two girls before straightening his body and saying, “Juexiao, you know that I’m a lazy person. Although I would make comments about the government, I don’t want to think about the details. His Majesty is the most intelligent ruler that Great Sui ever had, so his decisions wouldn’t be wrong. Therefore, you don’t have to take my joke seriously.”

Then, he glanced at Fang Jie and said, “However, you are different. You are going to return to the military one day. Therefore, I want to hear your opinion about the war in the northwest.”

“I don’t dare to have any opinions,” Fang Jie replied with his head lowered, “Just like what Your Highness said, His Majesty wouldn’t be wrong. Great Sui will be victorious.”

“Great!” Yang Yin asked a servant to fill Fang Jie’s cup and said, “Great Sui will be victorious. On another note, have you ever seen the King of Xu State before? I used to be the closest to him in Chang’an; the residents here all say that if I’m the idlest and most fun-seeking person, then the King of Xu State would come second.”

“I haven’t met the King of Xu State before,” Fang Jie replied.

Yang Yin laughed, “Since the King of Xu State can lead the military to attack Mongo-Yuan, can I do it?”

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