Chapter 212: Testing Each Other; Each Step Is Dangerous (Part Two)

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“Your Highness, you are drunk, and I’m drunk as well,” Fang Jie replied with his head lowered, “The liquor here is so strong; my mind seems to be messy already, and my eyes are blurry. What did you ask, Your Highness? I didn’t catch it. Please pardon me; I can’t drink anymore.”

“You are too weak. You are already drunk when we just started to drink,” Yang Yin laughed, “Since this is the case, I won’t keep you here any longer. You can go back and rest with your beauty. You can come to my place at any time, but don’t bring Qingshan next time. I will get you two pure girls; the feeling is completely different, hahaha!”

Fang Jie got up and bowed while cupping his hands to say farewell, and Chen Qingshan did the same.

Then, the two of them went down the ship.

Chen Qingshan grabbed Fang Jie’s hand and felt the coldness of his palm. Fang Jie smiled back at her, and the two walked out of this place hand-in-hand.

Yang Yin walked onto the deck on the third floor and smiled as he watched the two of them leave. However, it was hard to tell the meaning behind the smile.

Qin Liuqi appeared behind him and asked while bowing, “Your Highness, is this kid usable?”

Yang Yin shook his head with a smile and said, “He is between usable and unusable. He is probably still respectful toward my fourth brother. He didn’t dare to answer when I probed him several times. However, it is also a good thing, showing that he isn’t getting close to me on purpose. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be this silent and would probably talk in the way that I like. Also, if he is approaching me under someone’s command, he wouldn’t have brought Chen Qingshan along. Having a cultivation master with him; this shows that he doesn’t trust me. If he wants to get close to me, he wouldn’t be dumb enough to make me feel the distrust.”

“He is only respectful toward the Emperor because the Emperor has been kind to him,” Qin Liuqi said with a smile, “However, Your Highness is treating him even better. He will stand with Your Highness one day.”

“I hope so,” Yang Yin said while nodding, “I like this young man more and more. It is good that he knows gratitude; I gave him some great gifts. Otherwise, I would be losing too much if I raise a vicious wolf.”

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Fang Jie walked out of Royal King Yi’s residence while holding Chen Qingshan’s hand, ignoring others’ stares.

There were many people practicing martial arts, and there were also many young beauties in this place.

Seeing Fang Jie holding hands with Chen Qingshan, many of these girls looked at them in envy.

When the two got to the gate, a young man in a scholarly robe walked by.

This young man seemed to be in mid-twenties, and he was clean-looking with a slender figure. When he saw Fang Jie, he smiled and nodded, and Fang Jie returned the gesture.

Fang Jie saw Qi Lin’s horse-drawn carriage waiting for him at the corner of the street, so he beckoned at Qi Lin.

Qi Lin instantly came over, and Fang Jie and Chen Qingshan got onto the carriage.

After thinking for a while, Fang Jie said, “I feel like I have seen that young man before.”

Upon further thinking, he suddenly recalled and said, “When Professor Qiu Yu asked me to look for my schoolmates with her in Chang’an, that young man walked past my shop. When I walked out, he was eating a bowl of hot noodle soup beside the shop.”

“Your memory is quite good,” Chen Qingshan said with a smile.

“No…” Fang Jie shook his head.

“What is wrong?” Chen Qingshan was surprised.

Fang Jie replied, “Since that young man is under Royal King Yi, he shouldn’t be starving. However, I clearly remember that he devoured that bowl of hot noodle soup as if he hadn’t had a proper meal in a long time. How could someone under Royal King Yi eat with no table manners?”

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