Chapter 212: Testing Each Other; Each Step Is Dangerous (Part Three)

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Chen Qingshan shook her head and said, “Perhaps he was recently taken under Royal King Yi’s command.”

Fang Jie said, “I’m wondering if he appeared outside my shop intentionally or coincidentally. If it was intentional, it means Yang Yin had been monitoring me for a while now. If it was coincidental…”

He sighed and added, “Whatever, I already have enough things to worry about; I shouldn’t get bothered by someone else. Yang Yin only said those things to probe and test me; I don’t know if what I did fooled him or not. This man isn’t truly idle and fun-seeking. Among those people who were practicing martial arts, a few of them were practicing the techniques taught in the military. One of them even has arrow injuries; it is extremely rare for someone to get injured by an arrow in the martial arts circle. Those people are probably veteran soldiers. Also, I touched the ship with my hand when I got on; it is firm and probably strengthened by a layer of metal inside. Since this tower ship is so tough, it shouldn’t be only used to block out wind and rain.”

“But that ship couldn’t move,” Chen Qingshan said.

Fang Jie nodded and said while thinking back, “He shouldn’t have taken us to the top floor. He wanted to probe and test me, so he acted casually. However, people would often show their weaknesses when they try to act casual. Standing on the top of the tower ship, one could see the Royal Palace and view the movement of royal soldiers. I don’t believe that he wants to enjoy the snow view; he only said that to distract me after realizing his mistake.”

Then, he sighed and added, “Royal King Yi… is interesting. This trip is meaningful.”

-Royal King Yi’s Residence-

Qin Liuqi looked at the young man who walked over and asked with a slight frown, “Aren’t you afraid of him recognizing you? Why did you walk by him?”

The young man smiled and said, “He doesn’t remember my face. I tested him once in front of his shop, and I just tested him again. If he doesn’t remember me, then his expression shouldn’t change. Only those few students remembered my face, and I killed most of them. The only two people left are the daughter of Guide General and the son of one official.”

“Stay low,” Yang Yin said coldly, “You can only do the things that I asked you to do. Fang Henshui, royal guards are already on their way to Yangtze-South to capture your parents. If you don’t want to die with your parents, you better remember my words.”

The young man’s face changed color, and he bowed and said, “I got it. Since I’m now under your command, my life is in your hand. Your Highness, I won’t do anything irrational.”

Yang Yin nodded and said, “You are a smart person; I don’t doubt that. You want to be someone powerful and influential. With your background and identity, who can help you achieve that other than me? You need to do the important things; I won’t mistreat a loyal subordinate. Of course, I won’t let a troublemaker live. I know you want to kill Fang Jie; hold it in for now.”

“I got it.” Fang Henshui nodded humbly.

“Go.” Yang Yin waved his hand and said, “Although your cultivation strength isn’t low, you aren’t good at killing. There are many great killers in the Snake Guard; you need to learn.”

Fang Henshui bowed and left.

After Fang Henshui disappeared, Yang Yin snorted and said, “Such figures can’t get to high positions; they are too conceited. They can only be used as daggers.”

“What about Fang Jie?” Qin Liuqi asked.

After a moment of silence, Yang Yin said, “Let’s wait and see. He isn’t easy to tame. Also, tell the Snake Guard to stay low. The Royal Guard already detected something. Tell them to move further away. It isn’t time to use the Snake Guard yet. That Zhang Kuang is the deputy of the Snake Guard, right? He is close to Fang Jie… Tell him to approach Fang Jie and see if my fourth brother asked Fang Jie to approach me.”

“As you wish,” Qin Liuqi said, “I will go take care of it.”

He smiled and added, “I like people such as Zhang Kuang; they only love money. These people are the easiest to use.”

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