Chapter 213: Worries (Part Two)

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“Too big…” Fang Jie murmured with a frown, “The Worldwide Trading Company is too big; many officials aren’t comfortable with it.”

Chen Qingshan replied, “Gold-Sharing Duke probably thought about that already. Since he was able to get this rich, he must be calculative and intelligent. He must have thought everything through before using the full strength of the Worldwide Trading Company.”

“I’m afraid that…” Fang Jie frowned and thought about that girl who was forced to go to One Qi Daoist Temple for some reason. He said, “Did he use his full strength because he was threatened?”

Chen Qingshan was clever, and she instantly understood Fang Jie’s intention. She replied, “Before going to the northwest, Gold-Sharing Duke sent his beloved daughter to One Qi Daoist Temple. Did the Emperor threaten him with his daughter? If he didn’t take care of the task, his daughter would be taken into the Royal Palace. For a girl who is so young, entering the Royal Palace would be disastrous. None of those imperial concubines are easy-going people.”

“Therefore, I’m afraid that Gold-Sharing Duke’s already made a decision,” Fang Jie said in a serious tone.

“What decision?” Chen Qingshan asked.

Fang Jie shook his head and said, “To avoid the trouble… He could only give the entire Worldwide Trading Company to the Emperor! Just like how he spent a ton of gold to renovate one of the four city walls of Chang’an, he needs to pay a hefty price for safety. Perhaps this is within the Emperor’s calculation. Gold-Sharing Duke’s can’t keep the Worldwide Trading Company if he wants safety!”

Chen Qingshan was stunned, then she murmured, “Two birds with one stone; so vicious.”

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It wasn’t a good thing for the government when a private company could affect the outcome of a war.

The Worldwide Trading Company did a great job, safely transporting so many soldiers and supplies to the northwest. This was a stunning feat.

Fang Jie’s worries weren’t baseless.

Those big figures wouldn’t allow a business to threaten the stability of Great Sui.

Also, when the Emperor chose the Worldwide Trading Company to transport soldiers, supplies, and equipment, he wanted to hide it from these big officials.

Trusting a merchant instead of those important officials; the Emperor’s decision frustrated those influential people, and they could do things to the Worldwide Trading Company even though they couldn’t show anything to the Emperor.

It wouldn’t be difficult for a group of big officials to trouble a private business.

If Wu Yidao were targeted too much, the Emperor would come out and handle everything. Since Wu Yidao contributed greatly to Great Sui, donating a ton of money to renovate Chang’an and finishing the task that the Emperor gave him, the Emperor wouldn’t kill him. He would give Wu Yidao a great hint, which was to give some things up if he wanted to survive.

The Worldwide Trading Company was big enough for a ruler to greed over it.

Fang Jie didn’t pay attention in the beginning, but he felt the horror behind it now.

He realized why Wu Yidao quickly sent Wu Yinyu to Pure Joy Mountain; this man had been planning his way out before he went to the northwest.

However, Wu Yidao also knew that as long as he was in Great Sui, he couldn’t go against the supreme ruler.

The Emperor could easily take away the business that Wu Yidao poured his heart and soul into for half of his life.

Fang Jie got sad after thinking about that. Wu Yidao helped him greatly in Chang’an; he couldn’t stand aside and watch when someone who helped him was going through troubles.

After Jiu Secai told him about the trip to the northwest, Fang Jie instantly thought about the worst-case scenario, so he was in a hurry to meet Wu Yidao.

However, he didn’t know what he could do to help.

Therefore, when Fang Jie sat down with Wu Yidao, he didn’t know what to say.

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