Chapter 216: Various People (Part One)

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Fang Jie didn’t expect the crippled old man to bring him to such a place.

It was a dirty, messy, and worn-out market in a dark corner; it was completely different from the prosperity of Chang’an.

However, this place was also bustling. The butlers of rich families came here to purchase things.

This market wasn’t small; there seemed to be hundreds of shops in one glance.

The dirty water on the ground was already frozen, and it was slippery.

If one looked carefully, they could see bits of intestines of fish, pigskin, and feathers inside the puddles of frozen dirty water.

Fang Jie first saw a butcher who had a tobacco pipe in his mouth. He only wore a leather apron and nothing else on top in the cold winter, and thick chest hair could be seen.

While smoking, he took the bone out of a piece of pork. From the looks of it, he could do this with his eyes closed.

There were three knives stabbed in the chopping block. The big one was for mincing meat, the small one was for deskinning meat, and the heaviest one was for chopping bones.

A muscular woman behind him was cleaning the organs and intestines of the pig, and heat was still coming off those pieces of meat.

“Woman, I’m hungry!” the butcher shouted as he deboned the meat, and his wife nodded and stood up.

She casually wiped her bloody hands on her apron and walked to the stove before lifting the lid of the pot, showing a flatbread that was just cooked with steam coming off it.

This woman pulled the flatbread onto the cutting board before spreading a big piece of lard on it. Then, she sprinkled some salt and green onion onto the flatbread and rolled it up before giving it to the butcher.

The butcher put his tobacco pipe to the side and stabbed the pointy knife in his hand into the chopping block. The distances between the four knives were identical.

He squatted down and devoured the flatbread with his oily hands. Judging from his expression, it seemed like this was the most delicious food in the world.

Next to the butcher’s shop, there was a vendor selling cabbage. Although he wasn’t thin, he looked weak compared to the butcher.

He sat on a worn-out chair with one of his legs over the other, and he hummed a melody. Fang Jie listened carefully and realized that it sounded to be from the northwest.

There was an old goat beside his shop, and it kept on eating his cabbage. However, this cabbage vendor ignored the goat and kept on humming the song.

Perhaps he smelled the aroma of the flatbread, he looked at the butcher and snorted, “If she married me, I wouldn’t let her do such rough things. Dealing with blood and raw pork every day; it ruined a great beauty!”

“Huh? Do you get to dislike me?” the butcher’s wife glared at him and questioned with her hands on her waist.

The cabbage vendor instantly smiled and replied, “I’m just caring about you.”

The butcher’s wife glared at him and tossed the second flatbread to the cabbage vendor after putting lard, salt, and green onion on it. Although the second flatbread looked the same as the first one, it had less than half of the lard.

The butcher chuckled; it felt like he had won. The butcher thought, “She cares about me more; he got less lard on his flatbread.”

The cabbage vender also chuckled and thought, “She still cares about me more; she knows that I can’t eat oily stuff.”

Further into the market, there was a fish shop.

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