Chapter 217: Bright Armor, Long Sabers (Part One)

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Fang Jie could tell that these people had different personalities, but this woman was undoubtedly their leader. This was a strange structure, but it seemed extremely stable.

This woman married the butcher, and she wasn’t that pretty, didn’t have smooth skin, and didn’t have a great figure. However, she seemed to be the only goddess in the other nine people’s eyes.

Fang Jie suddenly realized something after a moment of silence.

Perhaps all these nine men were powerful, but they weren’t willing to admit that others were stronger. They probably fought each other, but there was no clear winner. Therefore, the only woman in the group became the decision-maker. Also, this woman probably had her specialties.

“Vegetable farmer, go and test him.” The woman pointed at Fang Jie and said, “Don’t be too rude. Even if he isn’t His Highness’ disciple, he is a guest who came with crippled grandpa. Don’t injure him.”

“Why me?” the vegetable farmer asked while pointing at his nose.

“I knew that you aren’t as good as my butcher husband,” the woman snorted.

The butcher chuckled, took a step forward, and said with his deep voice, “I will do it. The vegetable farmer’s arms and legs are weak from plowing the field and planting cabbage. He has no strength to fight. He isn’t scared; he already forgot about his abilities.”

“Go away!” The vegetable farmer blocked the butcher and snorted, “Even if I already forgot 70 percent of my abilities, a dumb butcher like you can’t defeat me. Move away!”

The butcher nodded and moved aside, and the woman smiled and thought, “Who said my butcher husband is dumb?”

The vegetable farmer walked to Fang Jie and asked seriously after a moment of silence, “His Highness has three ultimate techniques. Left-handed sword, right-handed saber, and one more technique that I don’t know about. Do you know any of these three ultimate techniques?”

Fang Jie replied in all seriousness, “I don’t know them.”

The vegetable farmer heaved a long sigh and laughed, “I’m assured now.”

Fang Jie couldn’t hold back his laughter, and the others also laughed out loud. The serious atmosphere of the battle was ruined by the vegetable farmer’s words.

“Be careful!” After shouting, the vegetable farmer suddenly disappeared.

Fang Jie got alerted and thought, “Such a fast light-body skill. This person is even faster than Da Quan; no traces are left behind!”

Fang Jie took a step back with his left leg and stood with a stable position.

“Watch your back!” a voice sounded from Fang Jie’s back.

Clearly, the vegetable farmer didn’t want to injure Fang Jie, so he warned Fang Jie before attacking.

However, he underestimated Fang Jie’s strength.

After he called out, Fang Jie didn’t even turn around.

Instead, Fang Jie pushed his hands forward, using 40 percent of his strength.

Bam! Fang Jie’s hands collided into a fist, then a gasp sounded.

When Fang Jie took a closer look, the vegetable farmer was already knocked away.

Clearly, he didn’t expect Fang Jie to see through his trick, and the pain coming from his wrist made him see this young man in a serious light.

He wanted to tease Fang Jie before, so he called out to Fang Jie from the back before quickly going to the front. He wanted to punch Fang Jie’s chest and let the latter know his strength.

However, he fell into Fang Jie’s trap instead.

“You are fast,” Fang Jie said with a smile, “But your punch was weak. People have different specialties. Your movement technique is great, but you can’t win after others see your weakness.”

“Perhaps not!” the vegetable farmer snorted and seemed to be angered by Fang Jie’s words.

He disappeared again and didn’t warn Fang Jie this time.

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