Chapter 217: Bright Armor, Long Sabers (Part Three)

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The crippled old man hesitated for a moment and said, “Alright. I found these people for you, and it is up to you to make the decision. Since you want to leave, let’s go.”

Then, he stood up with his liquor gourd, getting ready to go.

“Wait!” the woman suddenly called out and asked the crippled old man, “Crippled grandpa, not many people know about His Highness asking us to protect Tai Chi Palace, and we only interact with you. Since you brought this kid here, we somewhat believe your claim. However, since His Highness is gone, we must be careful with our actions. We might become nails in other people’s eyes if we aren’t careful, and even the people in the Royal Palace might not want us to live. Many other forces would want us to join them if we leave this place, and blood would be spilled if we decline them.”

“My master is still alive.” Fang Jie turned around and said to this woman seriously, “My master is on the grassland. He went on a journey to the west for the second time about a year ago. Although I don’t have any recent information, I believe that he won’t die. No one on Great Snow Mountain can kill him.”

“His Highness is still alive?” the woman froze for a second and said in a sad tone, “We thought His Highness is gone already.”

“I’m alive, so my master is definitely alive. I’m not an imposter, even though I might only be a distant disciple,” Fang Jie said with a smile, “Don’t worry; I believe that he will return to Chang’an.”

“What do you want us to help you with?” the woman asked.

Fang Jie said after a moment of hesitation, “To protect a girl in Yangtze-South. Her father is Wu Yidao, the richest merchant in Great Sui. You should have heard of him.”

The woman sat back down and looked at everyone before asking, “What do you guys think?”

The fortune-teller said with a smile, “You have been making decisions all these years; it is your call. If you think this young man is His Highness’ disciple, then we need to listen to him. We wouldn’t be going against His Highness’ words if his disciple is asking us for help. However, you just need to think carefully. If you agree to him, our ten years of peace would be gone.”

Everyone was silent, and the atmosphere turned cold.

“Who wants to live the current life?” The butcher suddenly shattered the chopping block and said, “It has almost been 12 years since His Highness asked us to protect Tai Chi Palace. What did we do? Killing pigs, growing vegetables… Is this life really comfortable for us? Fang Jie, would we be going against His Highness’ words if we help you? Or… can you take us to find His Highness?”

Fang Jie fell into a long silence. Then, he shook his head and said, “I will go to the grassland, but I’m not sure when.”

The woman suddenly stood up and said, “The Emperor doesn’t really need us, right?”

“Perhaps…” Fang Jie couldn’t answer this question.

“Who wants to be trapped here when we have the strength?” The woman turned around and said to everyone, “I stopped you guys from leaving before because I don’t want us to separate. I also don’t want you guys to become others’ sabers and die tragically. Now, Fang Jie is here. If we need to find another place, perhaps this is the best option.”

“Will there be liquor?” she asked Fang Jie.


“Will there be meat?”


“Will there be silver taels?”


“What else is there?” she asked.

Fang Jie pointed at himself and said, “A friend.”

The woman laughed and said, “Deal!”

The laborer turned around and smashed the cook’s stove with his fist, creating a giant hole.

Then, he took a package out of the hole before taking out another.

Other people walked over and helped him bring out the other hidden items.

There were ten packages and ten long boxes.

The crippled old man laughed proudly, “Bright armor, long sabers. The Task Battalion outside the Royal Palace has reappeared.”

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