Chapter 218: Grassland Wolf (Part One)

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On the morning of the second day, a team of 14 people left Chang’an. The people leaving Chang’an wouldn’t be inspected, so Da Quan and others didn’t get blocked when they disguised as merchants and hid their weapons in their boxes.

The team comprised of those ten people that Royal King Zhong left in Chang’an, Da Quan, Qi Lin, Tie Nu, and Ye Xiao.

This time, Fang Jie only had Chen Qingshan with him. Without Da Quan, the shop seemed very lonely, and Fang Jie didn’t want to leave after returning.

“I hope Da Quan and others wouldn’t encounter powerful enemies,” Fang Jie sighed, but he didn’t have confidence in that.

He didn’t know those ten people well, so he wasn’t sure if they could protect Wu Yinyu.

Wu Yinyu was on Pure Joy Mountain, and she wasn’t 100 percent safe. Those daoists wouldn’t pay special attention to a little girl, and assassins could pretend to be patrons and enter One Qi Daoist Temple. The enemies could either kill her or kidnap her.

“Crippled grandpa said that the ten of them are strong,” Chen Qingshan tried to comfort Fang Jie.

Fang Jie nodded and said, “This is all that I can do right now. I have too few people around me. It looks like I need to pay attention to people who could be helpful. Helpers are necessary. There are a few good people in the Martial Arts Academy, but they can’t help me within two years. It is better to find people in the martial arts circle. Capital Region Circuit has the greatest number of great cultivators, but which great cultivator would want to serve me?”

Chen Qingshan raised her head and said, “I’m now a great cultivator!”

Fang Jie laughed, and he pulled her over and sat her on his thighs. He held onto Chen Qingshan’s slender waist with his arm and smelled her fragrant scent. While resting his head on her chest, Fang Jie murmured, “I should be satisfied with what I have now, right?”

“Satisfaction makes people lazy,” Chen Qingshan said with a smile, “This is what you said before.”

Fang Jie shook his head and said, “Only if I can avoid all these troubles and focus on making money and becoming higher ranked.”

Chen Qingshan caressed Fang Jie’s face and said, “Making money and becoming higher ranked without worries is only a fantasy. Although the big figures all seem powerful and happy, they have their own worries. Sometimes, they are forced to take a side and voice an opinion, even though most of them don’t want trouble.”

“Yeah, that could only be a fantasy.” Fang Jie suddenly recalled something and said, “You haven’t told me where your faction is and what its name is.”

“The biggest mountain in Southern Yan is Mount Mo, and my faction is on Mount Mo. Its name is Floral Pond Court, and it is solely comprised of women. It is said that the matriarch was an imperial concubine of Shang, and she read books every day after the emperor dismissed her and threw her into the cold palace. Since she read so many books, she figured out how to cultivate from them. After being locked in the cold palace for 16 years, she obtained great cultivation strength.”

“After 16 years, she escaped from the cold palace and did heroic deeds, saving seven girls on the way. Later, she accepted these seven girls as disciples, and they built wooden buildings on Mount Mo. Since there was a pond not far away from these wooden buildings, she called it the Floral Pond. With more disciples, the Floral Pond Court became more famous in Southern Yan.”

“After that mysterious man severely injured my master and the seniors in the faction, the Floral Pond Court is no longer as powerful. However, there is another faction in Southern Yan that is comprised solely of women and is stronger than the Floral Pond Court; it is called the Ethereal Palace.”

“This matriarch’s story is interesting,” Fang Jie sighed, “Zhuo Buyi was locked in prison for close to ten years, and he comprehended the technique of drawing on the ground and creating a prison. Your matriarch read books in the cold palace for 16 years and became a great cultivator. However, I can’t stay calm for long. If I’m stuck in a place for ten years, I would become an idiot.”

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