Chapter 218: Grassland Wolf (Part Two)

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Chen Qingshan shook her head and said, “No one can be sure without experiencing it. Also, I believe that even if the world is in trouble, you would be living the best among everyone.”

“I’m touched that you see so much potential in me,” Fang Jie teased.

“It is because you are shameless enough,” Chen Qingshan explained seriously.

Fang Jie pursed his lips and patted Chen Qingshan’s butt. He said, “If Gold-Sharing Duke is in danger, would the crippled grandpa help out if I beg him? You two are both level 9 masters; can you two save him? As long as he won’t die. The Worldwide Trading Company… would be gone for sure.”

“Fang Jie, do you think the Emperor is an obsessive person?” Chen Qingshan asked.

“Yeah.” Fang Jie nodded. “I feel like he is an extremely obsessive person from the beginning. When I learned about his preparation for this war, he became even scarier in my eyes. Since every emperor of Great Sui expanded the territory, this is what he is obsessed with. It is both a good thing and a bad thing. Fortunately, the Emperor isn’t impulsive and prepared for more than ten years. Who knows how long this war will last?”

“You don’t think Great Sui will win?” Chen Qingshan asked.

“Win?” Fang Jie shook his head and said, “If I’m a native of Great Sui and didn’t live in Fangu for three years, I would be confident like the civilians. However, since I know a bit about Mongo-Yuan and the Buddhist Sect, I feel like the victory wouldn’t come easy. Even if Great Sui will be victorious, it will be a tragic victory.”

Chen Qingshan fell silent and thought, “Is expanding the territory and having a good reputation in history books that important for an emperor?”


Great General Li Yuanshan chased after the enemies with 20,000 cavalrymen, and the people of Mandu Flag kept on retreating and fell back to Tumu Fortress.

Tumu Fortress was the second-largest city in Mandu Flag, but it wasn’t that big. The people of Mongo-Yuan didn’t have the habit of building big cities.

Tumu Fortress was next o Kexin Flag. The encampment of 60,000 cavalrymen who were led by Flag Master Kexin Telang was less than ten kilometers away.

Perhaps Kexin Telang regretted not helping Mandu Latu. He didn’t expect the military of Sui to attack so aggressively and Mandu Latu to lose so easily.

Mandu Flag was pretty much over. Flag Master Mandu Latu and his second son, Mandu Tele, both died, and Mandu Latu’s first son in the Royal Court was like a goose that got lost from the formation.

[TL Note: The Royal Court is another name for the Golden Tent of Mongo-Yuan.]

The fights on the grassland were cruel. A family that was conquered represented shame, but no one was willing to help Mandu Flag.

Mandu Yong, Mandu Latu’s first son, was probably rushing back with the reinforcements from the Royal Court, but his family’s grassland would be the enemies’ territory when he returned.

The reinforcements from the Royal Court set up the encampment about 15 kilometers away from the encampment of the Kexin Flag.

The chief general of the reinforcement was Khagan Mong Ge’s little brother, Mong Lie, and he got here with 200,000 men earlier than expected. When they left the Royal Court, the second wave of reinforcements was gathering, and they would arrive in less than a month.

The flags of Sui fluttered on most of the territory of Mandu Flag. The 700,000 soldiers of Sui started to build defense lines after pushing close to 900 kilometers to the west.

Before the Emperor issued a new order, the top priority of the military was to protect the grassland that was now in their control.

This wasn’t only a piece of land for Great Sui.

Great Sui lacked warhorses, and Mongo-Yuan had the greatest number of warhorses in the world.

With this stretch of grassland, Great Sui could build its own stables to raise warhorses and create cavalrymen.

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