Chapter 219: Two People Who Needed to Prove Themselves (Part One)

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When the gate of the Martial Arts Academy opened, the soldiers guarding the door saw Mr. Fang who had a bright smile on his face.

The soldiers had a great impression of this young man since Mr. Fang was never arrogant or fake. He would smile and greet them sincerely.

Some members of big families would also greet these soldiers to show their temperament, but the soldiers could tell that those people didn’t care about them.

However, Mr. Fang didn’t see himself as someone superior; he saw himself on their level.

“Did you eat yet? I heard that the cafeteria added new dishes,” the soldiers said while smiling back at Fang Jie, and their tone was intimate.

Fang Jie smiled and nodded before saying, “I did. Eating outside is cheaper. The food in the cafeteria tastes average, but it is expensive. Eating in the cafeteria once is enough to eat at other places for three days. I heard that all the money made from the cafeteria flows into Principal Zhou’s wallet, yet Principal Zhou never eats at the cafeteria.”

“Hahaha!” the soldiers laughed at Mr. Fang’s straightforwardness.

Fang Jie laughed and walked through the gate, then he suddenly heard someone calling his name.

He turned around and saw Zhang Kuang who he hadn’t seen in a while. The latter had an oil-paper food bag in his left hand, and his right hand stuffed meat buns into his mouth. When he called out to Fang Jie, it sounded like a murmur; he was enjoying his food.

“Second Brother, where did you go in the last while?” Fang Jie asked with a smile.

The students from the military referred to Mo Xidao as the big brother and Zhang Kuang as the second brother.

“Where can I go? I don’t have money to go to pleasure quarters and listen to songs in Beckon of the Red Sleeve,” Zhang Kuang joked, “I’m not on Mr. Fang’s level.”

Fang Jie hammered Zhang Kuang’s shoulder and laughed, “Your mouth is getting sharper.”

Zhang Kuang laughed, “I planned on spending the two-week break in the academy. However, I thought that people without money can enjoy themselves as well. Brother Mo and I left Chang’an and toured the places that have great scenery. My mood has been lifted after the trip. I planned on asking you to travel with us, but Brother Mo said that you must be busy, so we didn’t call you.”

Fang Jie nodded and said while rubbing his brows, “I wasn’t that busy. In the last while, I have been coming back to the academy first thing in the morning. I either read books or practiced with Xie Fuyao. If you two called me, I would have gone with you.”

Zhang Kuang nodded and said, “On this note, I didn’t think it was fun to travel around, but I learned that just seeing the scenery and checking out people is enjoyable. Brother Mo and I left as soon as the break started, and we almost didn’t want to return.”

“Where is Brother Mo?” Fang Jie asked.

“He isn’t back yet. I came back to Chang’an as soon as the city gates opened this morning, but Brother Mo said that he is going to walk around the town outside the city. I think he is interested in the daughter of that old man selling tea. Hehe, this is my first time seeing Brother Mo interested in a woman.”

Fang Jie thought to himself and didn’t recall seeing that old man who sold tea bringing his daughter with him.

“Right…” Zhang Kuang asked while walking, “Did anything interesting happen during the New Year Celebration? I thought Brother Mo would be on the list of top ten students. According to cultivation strength, Brother Mo should be in the top ten. However, I later realized that this list isn’t made based on strength.”

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