Chapter 219: Two People Who Needed to Prove Themselves (Part Three)

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While he was frowning, someone opened the curtain door and walked in.

Li Xiaozong looked up and saw that it was the new guard corporal that the military gave him.

It was heard that this person entered the military after his family paid money, and he didn’t make it into the Martial Arts Academy.

Li Xiaozong didn’t like this person. Although Li Xiaozong wasn’t in the top three when he was in the Martial Arts Academy, he was in the top five. It was natural for him to dislike someone who didn’t even make it.

“Sit down.” Li Xiaozong waved his hand with a cold attitude.

“I can only stand around you,” This person said with a serious tone as he rested one of his hands on the handle of his saber, “I’m your guard corporal. If I’m used to sitting around you, my reaction speed would become slow.”

Li Xiaozong was surprised by this. He thought that this young man was a wastrel who wanted to add to his resume, but his impression of this young man changed a lot when he heard this.

“Your last name is Cui?” Li Xiaozong asked.

“Yeah. My name is Cui Lueshang, and I’m from River-East Circuit.”

This young man was Cui Lueshang who left Chang’an dispiritedly!

“River-East Cui Family; it counts as a big family,” Li Xiaozong said as he nodded, “I heard that you went to participate in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy. Only the top talent from each city could participate in that. Do you feel shameful becoming my guard corporal?”

Cui Lueshang looked at Li Xiaozong and said in all seriousness, “I was chosen in my city not because of my talent; it was because of the increase in my aunt’s status in the Royal Palace. However, I got disqualified, and I can’t become an official in five years. My family spent a ton of money, allowing me to enter the military during this west expedition.”

Li Xiaozong was surprised again; he didn’t expect Cui Lueshang to be so honest, even mentioning being disqualified. Regular people wouldn’t want to recall such shame.

“You told me everything about you; aren’t you afraid that I will tell others?”

Cui Lueshang straightened his back and said, “I’m your guard corporal, and my life is tied to yours. If I’m not completely transparent with you, I might not live long on the battlefield. I don’t want to die, so please don’t doubt my reason for being here. I’m someone who wants to prove myself, and my opportunity lies in your hand.”

He looked down at his armor and continued after a moment of silence, “It would be my honor if I can obtain your trust. Even if you don’t trust me, I won’t die behind you on the battlefield; I will be in front of you.”

Li Xiaozong’s eyes lit up, and he looked at this young man in a new light.

“Cui Lueshang.” Li Xiaozong nodded and memorized this name.

“My camp isn’t the best. If you want to earn military merit and prove yourself, you seem to be in the wrong place.”

Cui Lueshang replied, “Earning military merit and proving myself is in your hand, General. Since I’m here, I only need to protect your safety. It is up to you if I can get on the battlefield. Other than trusting you, I don’t have another choice.”

“Ok.” The gloominess on Li Xiaozong’s mind was blown away by this young man’s sincerity, and he said with joy, “Just wait; I won’t disappoint you.”

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