Chapter 22: Such Ambition (Part One)

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When Fang Jie woke up again, it was already deep into the night. He vaguely felt like he met a great beauty in his dream, but he realized that he couldn’t remember what this woman looked like. The only thing that he could remember was her faint yet pleasing scent.

Although Mu Xiaoyao had a unique fragrant scent, Fang Jie knew that she wasn’t the woman who he chased in his dream and tried to talk to.

The temperament of that woman was completely different from that of Mu Xiaoyao.

Fang Jie tried to rub his twisted brows, but he groaned due to the pain.

Da Quan who sat beside him laughed and said, “Your moan is quite interest.”

Little Dot who was standing not far away blushed and cursed quietly, “People around Fang Jie are all shameless.”

Then, she turned around and ran away.

Da Quan laughed and said, “This little beauty sure has her charming features.”

Fang Jie spat and said, “You are already old, yet you aren’t serious at all. No wonder you can’t find a woman who wants to marry you and have your kids.”

Da Quan explained with a serious expression, “We cultivators don’t have strong worldly obsessions. Even if we fool around, we don’t want any attachments. It is ok to fall in love with every girl you see, but if you actually do them, then you are nothing but an animal. Although I’m not that powerful, I’m a level 5 master. If I reveal this information, many beautiful women will come to me. When I was in my twenties, I was carried around by four beauties, and they scattered flower petals on the way. Others called me Jade-Faced Young Master. Women screamed and ran after me like cats in heat.”

Fang Jie replied, “Yeah, it sounds like you spent a lot of money to hire them.”

Da Quan rolled his eyes and started to look at the landscape painting in the room.

“Not bad. The turns and forces of the strokes of the inkbrush are great. The strokes are delicate; it seems like a woman painted this. However, its presence isn’t lost. This painter can be considered as a master.”

Fang Jie wanted to sit up, but his chest was in pain. He tried a few times before lying on the bed and sighing, “If you have time to BS while looking at those paintings, can you at least tell me how serious my injuries are?”

“Not serious,” Da Quan replied without turning back.

“But then why is my body in pain? Why can’t I sit up?”

“Four rib bones broke, and your spine is injured. It would be strange if you can sit up. When you walked around after you got beat, I thought you wasn’t injured, but you were only enduring the pain. It was hard. I might not be able to crawl around if I were you. Don’t worry, that crippled old man who wants to take Mu Xiaoyao as his disciple has great medical skills. He said that it is easy to heal you.”

“He said?” Fang Jie smiled bitterly and said, “Da Quan, for the first time, I realize that you aren’t a responsible person.”

Just as Da Quan was about to say something, the crippled old man staggered and walked into the room with his liquor gourd that was the size of two human heads.

He glanced at Fang Jie and said, “It is good that you are awake.”

Then, he sat down and took a sip of liquor before saying, “I’m here because I want you to convince Mu Xiaoyao. Her talent is unique, one in a million, and it is my first-time meeting someone like her. The rest of my life won’t be complete if I don’t teach her. Now that she didn’t agree in the last few days, even the northwest liquor didn’t taste good.”

“You have to show sincerity if you are begging someone, right?” Fang Jie pouted his lips and said, “After you heal me, I will go and try to convince her.”

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